Why do I no longer feel like painting?

Contribution from Smack biscuit ┬╗Jul 22, 2009, 5:01 am

Hmm, so it looks like this for me.

I used to draw a lot, I don't remember what it looked like with a "Kreatief", that was too long ago.
However, at some point I just quit xD so ... for 2-3 years I hardly ever painted a picture (if we ignore pictures for school).

In the meantime I am quite motivated to gain a lot of experience in the field of drawing / digital art as quickly as possible, the decisive factor for this was a student whom I met by chance over the Internet. He showed me his blog and I don't know if it's just me, but it usually fascinates me a little more when people that I have now somehow got to know then show me pictures like SOMEONE from WHAT- KNOW-I-WHERE.
Well, his drawing style and actually everything that was listening fascinated me so much that I really started drawing again.
A little later I also bought a graphics tablet, still motivated by the thought of doing what he was doing himself later.

It is now like this:
As many probably know, I also rummage through certain pages on the Internet every day.
Always see what's new for people here who don't know - something like reading the morning newspaper / post

Well, several times a day (when I'm at home and the PC is on, as always when I'm at home) I look at pictures on deviantart.com.

I often stay "stuck" for a quarter of an hour and look and look and look ...
let me be inspired by the many different pictures there. In general, I think it's good that so many different styles come together there.

So there you have a direct tip (to get to the point): just keep looking at new pictures! Let yourself be inspired or (as I often do to practice) try to paint the picture, just because you like it!

2nd tip would then be the following:
But it all depends on how you feel about music in this case.

I have been listening to music passionately for years. I'm still open to everything new, regardless of whether the genre doesn't really suit me or something - listen to it? Always!
And so I just keep getting to songs that appeal to me, that push certain images in front of my inner eye and often move me to be somehow creative ... well, I call it "to out"

Other pictures & music - that's how I do it!

What is different: a MUST to paint the pictures ... I don't really like that ... I usually manage to make the thing somehow attractive, but in general - bad!
At the moment, for example, I have a project going on for the school (purely voluntary, of course ) which I really gladly accepted, because I want to gain experience, etc. ... is funny - in the last few times I have finished 2-3 pictures with (for me) no longer little effort but with the pictures for this one The project hasn't even started ... it's really bad, but until now I just didn't feel like doing it! well DL is still a long way off ...

Greetings and I hope that I could help