How can I get a Pakistani Visa

Information about the Pakistan e-Visa (e-Visa)

Traveling to Pakistan is easier than ever with the new e-Visa.

Travel to Pakistan relaxed with the online visa

Instead of the classic visa application, since the end of January 2019 there has been the option of entering Pakistan e-Visa to apply in a simplified way. The Pakistan e-Visa are among others for tourists and business travelers 175 countries, including Germany, available. Entry into Pakistan should be made easier and more visitors from all over the world should be attracted. The online visa procedure not only saves annoying administrative procedures and bureaucracy, it is also faster and cheaper than the traditional Pakistan visa. Pakistan e-Visa must be applied for well in advance of travel. There is the option of receiving the online visa for the first time (new) or of applying for an extension of the existing Pakistan visa (only for residents of Pakistan).

We are happy to assist you with the application process and we will apply for it for you Pakistan e-Visa for tourist, business or private / family travel purposes.

What are the travel purposes for online visas?

The Pakistani authorities offer a total of 14 different types of visa for the online procedure. You have the option of applying for the most popular e-Visa categories conveniently through us at K├Ânig Tours:
  • e-Visa Tourist: e.g. vacation in Pakistan
  • e-Visa Business: e.g. business meetings, meetings
  • e-Visa private: e.g. family visits from relatives, spouses in Pakistan
    Important NOTE: The private visa (also called family visa) can only be applied for by foreign citizens of Pakistani origin and their spouses.

What is the validity of e-Visa Pakistan?

You have the following options:
  • Tourist:
    • up to 3 or 6 months, more than 6 months
  • Private:
    • up to 5 years, max. 1 year stay per entry

The visa validity begins on the day of issue. Entry must take place within the validity period. Please also note that visits of more than 30 days must be reported to the immigration authorities.

What types of entry are there?

The entry type indicates how often you can enter Pakistan with the e-Visa. There are three options:
  • single entry
  • multiple entry (up to 1 year)
  • multiple entries (longer than 1 year)