Why is NFL the best sport

That's why football is the best sport in the world!

From Brand Story | February 04, 2019, 8:20 a.m.

22 tough men, one ball. No, we're not talking about football. It's about American football! On February 3rd, the tough guys showdown again - the Super Bowl. The final of the US professional league NFL, in which the two best teams competed for the cup. And over a billion people hung in front of the TV. We explain the most important facts and take a look behind the scenes of Germany's traditional club "Berlin Adler". We show what makes the fascination of football and for whom the sport is suitable.

Touchdown, tackle, fumble, clipping or encroachment - if you want to play football, you need one thing above all: good tactics and a lot of stamina! This combination attracts more and more Germans: German football clubs currently have 60,000 members. Ascending trend! We visit Germany's traditional club, the "Berlin Adler", during gladiator training!

That's how hard the "Berlin Eagles" train

Football - what is it all about?

When the muscled men crash into each other on the lawn, run wildly around each other, suddenly pause again to build up for the attack, then for most it looks more like chaos than sophisticated game tactics. But the impression is wrong! “Football is a strategy game,” says Tilman Pfeffer (25), a footballer with the “Berlin Adler”.

The highlight of the game? Only part of the team is ever on the field. After each move there is a break in which you measure and realign yourself. That is why the four quarters (12–15 minutes playing time per quarter) are often long drawn out - the longest game lasted more than seven (!) Hours!

Rules, rules, rules.

The most unusual thing about the game? The strength of the team! The "Berlin Eagles" have 50 team members! Why? “The game is characterized by dozens of player changes. First, eleven players compete against each other, the attacking team brings their so-called 'offense' onto the pitch, the defending team their 'defense', ”explains Pfeffer. And with special moves, the “special teams” come onto the field, for example when a field goal (ie a shot from the field at the goal) is to be attempted.

The advantage for the players: breather and time to recapitulate. Tilman Pfeffer plays in the offense with the "Berlin Adler": "While the defense is on the field, I use the time to go inside - to see what I could have done better."

The aim of the entire game is to gain space: The offense (attacker) tries to advance with the ball as far as possible, to bring the ball into the end zone of the opposing team, to score a touchdown. For this there is the highest possible score of six points that can be achieved with one move.

It's often tough on the pitch! “That's exactly why there are so many rules in the game. They are supposed to protect against injuries. For example, no 'excessive hardness' may be used or blocked from behind below the knees, ”explains Daniel Kiffner (38) head coach of the“ Berlin Adler ”.

Nevertheless, a football player has to be prepared for painful wounds: The most common injuries? "Ligament injuries on the feet and cracks on the fingernails", says Nicole Loebel (36), physiotherapist of the "Berlin Adler".

Sydney Plewinski (27, position: wide receiver) says:“For me, football is the best sport in the world, precisely because I love contact sport - it is something completely different from football, where you are sometimes still rewarded for swallows. Football is very fair. And team cohesion is more important than anything else, you take care of each other. "

Player profiles: Which physical requirements are important?

Hardly any game requires as much team spirit as football. Already during training - the giants train with the flyweights. The big ones with the little ones. The fat with the thin! Since there are 19 different positions, everyone will find the right niche in the team.

Explanations and player profiles for all positions: Click several times on the following graphic!

We train 12 hours a week

If you want to play football, you need discipline. “We train around two hours a day! Makes twelve hours a week, ”says student Sydney Plewinski.

The price for so much hard work?“It's just amazing when we as a team manage to protect our quarterback and move forward in the game! Plus, the camaraderie is priceless. We are almost every day, it's a family feeling, ”says Tilman.

6000 calories have to be fed

Anyone who plays football needs strength! “As an offense tackle, I try to get the 6000 calories in winter, and a little less in summer,” says Pfeffer. Daily on the menu: eggs. And a lot of meat.

His typical menu today looks like this: two boiled eggs, a cereal, coffee, pea stew with Viennese, afternoon snacks and in the evening a large meal with meat. “As much as you can get in,” explains the player.

Are women also allowed to play gladiators?

Are you allowed to! The times when the sport was only for "tough guys" are over. In the USA women usually only play in amateur or semi-professional teams, but in Germany there have been women's championships since 1992. Emma-Zéri (16) has been playing football since she was a little girl: “I like this drill, this hardness. It's just something different than the typical girls' sports, dancing or horse riding. You just take off! At first my mother didn't want to let me into training because of the risk of injury. You have to be prepared for bruises! "

This is how DAK-Gesundheit supports you in sport

    Missed the Super Bowl?

    What's the matter?
    The Super Bowl is the final of the US professional league National Football League (NFL).

    When was the game played?
    The game took place on Sunday, February 3rd, at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta - with us the game dragged on into the morning hours of February 4th.

    Who against who?
    The New England Patriots were in the final (for the third time in a row). The Pats met them Los Angeles Rams - won 13-3. Tom Brady (quarterback of the Patriots) is the first NFL professional to win the Super Bowl six times.

    The game?
    A convulsive defensive battle! Only in the third quarter do the Rams celebrate their first points with a field goal. Draw. Redemption only seven minutes before the end: Finally a touchdown! This is followed by a field goal by the pats and the final whistle.

    Why does everyone want to watch this?
    A billion people worldwide sat in front of the telly. Not just because of the sport. The Live performance at half-time of the Super Bowl is considered an accolade in the music industry. This year the US band Maroon 5 designed the halftime show. The rappers Big Boi and Travis Scott also performed - the tickets for the game cost up to 54,000 (!!!) euros.

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