Will Miracle Gro help dying plants

6 ways to revive a near-dead houseplant

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Nothing enlivens a room more than the green leaves and brightly colored petals of a houseplant. Anyone who owns one also knows that when that plant in question shrinks, turns brown, and dies a slow, painful death, it is very depressing. Before you give up, try these tricks that can help your plant get back to health.

1. Repot your investment

Moving a tired looking fern or succulent into a fresh pot of soil can make a huge difference, according to Ashton Ritchie, a lawn and gardening expert at Scotts Miracle-Gro. Just pick a container that has been resized: "Make sure you choose a pot a few inches wider than the one you're replacing," he says. This gives the roots room to grow and thrive.

2. Feed it better

Plants also need healthy food, so replace your old soil with good quality potting soil. "Your newly potted plant will appreciate regular feedings that meet the recommended frequency listed on the plant-based food package," says Ritchie. You may also want to try fertilizers - just stick to a slow-process strain that won't feed your plant's roots too much at once.

3. Give it sun - slowly

While the sun is good for plants for the most part, suddenly shifting into the hot, bright sun as they see deterioration can cause serious problems, according to Anthony Smith of Nursery Enterprises. "Only give [your plant] 100% indirect sun for a short time until it recovers," he says.


4. Not over water

"The most common mistake gardeners make is not being familiar with their plants' dormant times so they keep watering them," says Gena Lorainne, plant expert at Allan's Gardeners. You should research when this time of year happens to your plant so you don't accidentally drown your favorite flower.

6. Get rid of pests

If your plant's leaves or stem are blotchy or look faint, bugs could be the problem. Window Box's experts recommend removing unwanted visitors by gently wiping or spraying the leaves with a mild, soapy water solution.


5. Try a greenhouse

Some plants may need a more humid environment that (if we had to guess) you probably wouldn't need for your home. To create a custom greenhouse for your plant, put a small plastic bag on top, says Lorainne: "Keep it that way for four to five days to revitalize the area."