What are pads in Christian music

So that belief sounds good ...

So that belief sounds good

We support you and your musical project

Christian popular music

... in the Archdiocese of Paderborn: it sounds go (o) d!

That is why the Archdiocese of Paderborn supports “Christian popular music” from a fund specially made available for this purpose. Concerts, band coaching, rehearsal room and sheet music - what do you need to make your faith sound good? Write an application or send us your idea! We support you from the application to the implementation and beyond!

Funding conditions

  • Submission of a written concept and financing plan
  • Secured financing of the remaining, unsupported amount
  • Declaration that there is no double funding (with church tax revenue)
  • Consent to publication in church and public media
  • A statement from the Dean's Office for Youth and Family must be attached to each application. In addition, a statement from the pastor must be attached to applications at the level of the parish / pastoral association / pastoral area, unless the parish itself is the applicant. In the statement, it is agreed to whom the funding will be paid, provided that the applicant is not himself a (Catholic) institution.
  • Approval of the applicant for a possible individual examination in the current project
  • Creation of a final report on the funded measure including the final invoice
  • Participation in events for deepening and evaluation

Who can apply for funding?

  • Parishes and deaneries
  • Individuals, initiatives and groups with links to pastoral places
  • Orders and Spiritual Communities
  • Church sponsors of projects
  • Church associations and educational institutions

Duration, type and scope of funding

  • Material costs, fee costs and purchases for project security can be funded.
  • Material costs, fees: The applicant must contribute at least 10% of the eligible costs.
  • Acquisitions: The applicant must contribute at least 60% of the eligible costs.
  • Only projects for which support with church tax funds is not possible and whose support has not already been rejected for other reasons can be subsidized.
  • Construction costs and personnel costs cannot be funded.
  • The funding amount is limited to 15,000 euros, the smallest possible funding amount is 250 euros.
  • There are other regulations that must be taken into account in certain cases when submitting an application. These include flat rates in the area of ​​accommodation / meals for the participants, a 10% rule in the case of institutions owned by the Bishopric, the offer of offers in the area of ​​purchases and others. If required, these regulations can be requested from the Christian Popular Music Department ()

Funding examples

Organizing concerts with your own band

Organizing concerts / festivals with purchased artists

Rehearsing and performing musicals (family musicals, school musicals, Advent musicals, passion plays, pastoral agreements set to music and rehearsed as musicals ...)

Design of church services, parish festivals, anniversaries, altar boys' days, adventure services, BDKJ church services ...

Licenses for projecting lyrics (via projector)

Concerts and meetings / discussions in company preparation

Renting / setting up rehearsal rooms

Open workshops (singing, playing musical instruments, arrangement, spiritual matters, making choir singers fit for soloist / cantor service in Corona times ...)

Talent contests


Band coaching (book speakers for your own band / choir)

Acquisition of notes

Subsidies for tickets / travel expenses to concerts and festivals

Purchases of piano, drums, mixer, boxes, etc.

Public relations (applications for concerts, workshops, your own band ...)

Recording from CDs

Video recording for Youtube & Co.

Projects, events and initiatives in the field of Christian popular music ...

pick up on modern styles of music

Projects, events and initiatives in the field of Christian popular music ...

encourage people to deal with their faith through Christian popular music as a religious means of expression and language

Projects, events and initiatives in the field of Christian popular music ...

start with the world of people and deal with questions of meaning, orientation or belief

Projects, events and initiatives in the field of Christian popular music ...

have an evangelizing or spiritual orientation

Projects, events and initiatives in the field of Christian popular music ...

agree with the direction of the future image of the Archdiocese of Paderborn and serve to pass on, sing and live the faith

If your application has been received by us and is complete, it goes on to the award committee. (If something is missing, we will contact you!) The award committee meets about once a month so that you can find out from us as soon as possible whether your application has been approved. In any case, you will receive a written notification of how the award committee has decided!

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Event "The Trace of Tomorrow"

Event of the Marienmünster project choir in the Marienmünster Pastoral Association took place on October 2nd, 2016 in the Marienmünster Abbey Church.

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60 song books “God for you (th)” have been purchased for the Young Church project.

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