How is a mealworm farm built

With urban cultivation, the transportation route of food can be shortened and waste can be reduced. The world population will increase by 8.9 trillion people who will need enough food by 2050. With modern technology we can ensure the supply in a more sustainable manner.
I have done several projects on the subject of "Urban Farming". I have studied a lot of specialist literature on lettuce and tomato growing, LED lighting, and other related technologies. With LED consoles I researched the effect of night disturbance with different light dates on growth in two types of lettuce.
With germination on depleted fungal culture medium we can reduce the peat consume of agriculture. With a mixture of 2SMS: 1Verticulit or 4SMS: 1Perlit we can achieve better size, leaf area, fresh and dry weight compared to 1Peat: 1Perlit mixture.
In northern countries there is not enough light in winter time. There is not enough sunlight for efficient vegetable cultivation in winter. These problems can be solved more sustainably with LED exposure than with other exposures. My goal is to offer an "open-source", "low technology" LED console for horticulture that you can build yourself from LED strips.
Mealworms can be lined with polystyrene. I built a mealworm farm where I only fed you polystyrene. The aim is to chemically analyze your body whether it contains traces of polystyrene and whether it can be used as food.

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