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MOG success stories - an Indian doctor puts down roots in Germany

Mr. Shaik Mohammed is from India. There he obtained his bachelor's degree in human medicine from the Deccan College of Medical Sciences in Hyderabad in 2011. After completing his studies, he worked for a number of years as an assistant doctor in internal medicine and emergency medicine and was even a lecturer at a medical university. Mr. Shaik Mohammed applied for his German license to practice medicine in 2015.

He made it and is now working as an assistant doctor for internal medicine in a hospital in Saxony-Anhalt. He is very satisfied with his new position. And luckily, he got married shortly before he was offered a job in Germany. Mr. Shaik Mohammed feels very comfortable here with his family and his new assistant doctor position.

1. Mr Shaik Mohammed, first of all, congratulations on your new job and your private happiness. Why did you decide to come to Germany? What motivated you to leave your home country?

Mr. Mohammed: Germany has always been my first choice. It was a dream of mine to continue my specialist training here. Germany is world famous for its innovations, research and new, modern technologies in health care. That was one of the main reasons why I really wanted to work in Germany to perfect my medical knowledge.

2. Is the medical training very different from the German training? Or are there also similarities?

Mr. Mohammed: In India we studied in English, which is why many Indian doctors also go to the USA or the UK. Indian doctors do a great job, of course. There are no differences in medicine. The only thing that is different is the facilities. These are simply better equipped and more modern in Germany. And in India we hardly have any specialist positions, these are also covered much better here.

3. How would you describe your career in Germany? Was it difficult to find a job here in the beginning?

Mr. Mohammed: I came to Germany at the beginning of 2014. As a third country, it was not that easy to gain a foothold here and find a job. Of course, first of all you have to master the language. You have to be very motivated to learn German. I know some doctors from abroad who give up because they find the language too difficult. My advice: “Never give up!” Of course it was difficult for me at the beginning, too, but you can do it if you just want to and don't give up.

Mr. Mohammed: I learned German in India up to level B1, B2 + C1 then in Germany. After a year of struggle, after many letters of application, I finally found a job in Siegen in October 2015. I then worked there for 15 months.

4. How did you then find out about MOG?

Mr. Mohammed: I wanted to change my job. While searching, I came across MOG. Thanks to your help, I now have a job in another clinic in Saxony-Anhalt. I feel very comfortable here. For this I would like to thank the whole MOG team and my family, who always supported me actively.

5. We are very pleased. I have one last question for you: there are more and more doctors from India or from other countries who want to work in Germany. Do you have any tips for your colleagues from abroad?

Mr. Mohammed: Germany is always a good choice for doctors. Before you come to Germany, you should plan a year to learn the language properly. There are many good institutes, such as the Goethe Institute. In my opinion, it is almost better if you learn the advanced language up to B2 or even C1 in your home country. The start in Germany is easier then and it shows a lot of initiative at the German embassy to get a visa.

If you want to come to Germany, you shouldn't be put off by the difficult language. Just don't give up and move on! It will work!

Thank you very much, Mr. Shaik Mohammed, for your time and your interesting answers. We wish you all the best and every success in your professional and private life in Germany.

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