Lucifer will have a fifth season

Lucifer Season 5 Part 2: This is how it continues for Lucifer and Michael on Amazon Prime

Fans of "Lucifer" can't wait for part 2 of season 5 to come out. What we already know about the start on Amazon Prime Video and about the new episodes, we'll tell you in our overview. A sixth and final season has already been confirmed.

Start date: When will Season 5 Part 2 appear on Amazon Prime Video?

While Lucifer has been a Netflix original since season 4 in the US, the series runs on Prime Video in this country. This is because Amazon has secured the broadcasting rights for Germany. There is now a start date for the final episodes of season 5: Part 2 of Lucifer will start on Prime Video on May 29, 2021. As in the first half of the season, the eight new episodes appear in a row, which will please friends of the Bingens.

The Recap: What Happened in Season 5A of Lucifer?

Warning: The following paragraphs contain spoilers!

The fourth season of "Lucifer" ended with an emotional cliffhanger: Lucifer is finally returning to hell. He fears that the inhabitants of hell may return to earth and threaten the lives of those who are important to him. He makes the decision to leave the planet immediately after Chloe Decker confesses her love to him. With a heavy heart, Lucifer decides against a relationship and for a life on the throne of hell in order to prevent the impending apocalypse.

In season 5A, those who stayed behind have to come to terms with an earth without Lucifer - at least until the devil supposedly returns. However, it quickly turns out that it is Lucifer's twin, Archangel Michael, who comes to earth in his place. Michael doesn't want to destroy his brother's life, but take it over. And in doing so, he creates a lot of chaos.

Tom Ellis underlines with the double role what a versatile actor he is. By making small changes in facial expressions and gestures, we can tell whether it is Lucifer or Michael. It's almost a shame, by the way, that the identity of the fake Lucifer was already spoiled in the season 5 trailer:

In the course of the half-season Michael develops into an antagonist who wants to pull Maze, Chloe and Amenadiel over to his side and manipulate them. Michael brings into play, for example, that Amenadiel and Linda's son could only be an ordinary child without special powers. Whether this is true remains to be seen.

He also reveals that he had inspired Lucifer to do many great things, such as rebellion against God. That basically makes Michael a more diabolical figure than Lucifer himself. Meanwhile, he has been stuck in hell for half an eternity, although only a few weeks have passed on earth.

In the semi-season finals, Michael and Lucifer finally have an epic fight - with the support of Amenadiel and Maze. Finally, God intervenes personally before the sequence comes to an end. We won't find out how the fight ends until the second half of the season.

The story: So it goes in season 5 part 2 of Lucifer

Season 5 Part 2 will likely begin with a trail of devastation on Earth. According to those responsible for the series, it is quite possible that God will continue to stay on earth. After all, the fight between the two brothers probably won't end soon. We are curious whether Michael will make life difficult for his twin beyond season 5.

The episode titles of episodes 9 to 16 are also known. As always, they point to a quote from a series character in the respective episode:

  • Season 5, episode 9: Family Dinner
  • Season 5, episode 10: Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam
  • Season 5, episode 11: Resting Devil Face
  • Season 5, episode 12: Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid
  • Season 5, Episode 13: A Little Harmless Stalking
  • Season 5, episode 14: Nothing Lasts Forever
  • Season 5, episode 15: Is This Really How It's Going to End ?! (Is it really going to end like this ?!)
  • Season 5, episode 16: A Chance at a Happy Ending

Looking forward to the musical episode in season 5

You can especially look forward to episode 10, which is a musical episode. Will it possibly even compete with the cult "Buffy" musical series? Here is a preview of “Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam”:

Cast: The cast in Season 5 Part 2

For season 5 "Lucifer" the following actors are again: inside on board:

  • Tom Ellis (Lucifer)
  • Lauren German (Chloe Decker)
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt (Maze)
  • Rachael Harris (Linda Martin)
  • D. B. Woodside (Amenadiel)
  • Kevin Alejandro (Dan Alejandro)
  • Aimee Garcia (Ella Lopez)
  • Scarlett Estevez (Trixie Espinoza)
  • Inbar Lavi (Eve)

New in Season 5 Part 2 and Season 6 are Scott Porter as Detective Carol Corbett, Brianna Hildebrandt as Angel Rory and Merrin Dungey as Policewoman Sonya.

Continuation: Sixth and final season already shot

Fans have long been hoping for it, but it is now official: Lucifer is getting a sixth season. This has even already been shot. According to the official tweet, this time it should really be the final season. In contrast to season 5, season 6 should also only contain ten episodes.

After the final day of shooting on March 29, 2021, many cast members posted emotional messages, including Lesley-Ann Brandt:

Fin 😈 @ 1esCwXkWzV

- Lesley-Ann Brandt (@LesleyAnnBrandt) March 29, 2021

When we can expect season 6 is still unclear. It is quite possible that it will not be there until 2022.

What are you hoping for from Season 5 Part 2 of Lucifer? Feel free to write us your opinion in the comments.

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