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15 examples of beautiful websites

Your company's website is your digital shop window, your virtual main entrance, your online representative office. The website is the first point of contact between your brand and prospects. It is well known that you only get one chance to make a first impression.

At the first contact, the visitor should neither be bored nor overwhelmed or even left behind at a loss. In each of these cases he takes the direct exit called the backspace button and looks for a website that really helps him.

Criteria for a beautiful & helpful website:

  • Design elements are visually appealing, tidy and professional
  • Functionally built for good Usability
  • Contentwise meaningful and convincing

Of course, different websites have completely different purposes. For example, the point "optics" is much less important for a discount store page for printer accessories. What counts here is the red pen price and the abundance of cheap offers. For that she has to load quickly and optimal usability exhibit.

The brand side of a fashion label, on the other hand, lives from high-quality design, brilliant images and creativity. Therefore, the focus shifts depending on the offer and purpose of the site.

Rules for meeting the above three criteria are:

  • The website must answer quickly and clearlywhat your company is offering, who you are and what the visitor can do on the website.
  • Contentwise the website must focus on the important information and instructions. Avoid pompous and overly detailed texts about your corporate image and your mission. The who and what is important, but only the parts of it that interest the visitor.
  • The visitor has to know which one added value he is offered here. In other words, why he needn't look any further.
  • The side must intuitive and fluid to be used. No complicated menu trees and no unnecessary elements that make the page slow and confuse the user.
  • Call To Action (CTA): One of the most important elements, if it is not just a pure image presence. Guide the visitor and show him what to do next. Without instructions, your page is just a brochure. CTAs generate sales or leads.
  • The design may not always be decisive for the war, but basically an appealing and professionally designed page conveys seriousness and quality. Before content is perceived, the first thing is the optical impression.
  • The page has to be “responsive”. Responsive web design in this case means that your page automatically adapts to the format and system of the end device. According to the credo Mobile First, not only the design should be responsive, but also the overall usability.

We looked around in the vastness of the Internet and 15 examples of beautiful websites picked out. We browse across all industries and show companies of all sizes.

1. nextbike - bike sharing

  • By integrating the test result, the user is informed that this is the best provider in the highly competitive bike-sharing market
  • The gaze wanders to the CTA "Sign up now for free!"
  • In the “below the fold” menu, the user can once again examine the basics such as instructions, locations or prices

2. Dropbox - cloud space provider

  • The design of the homepage is clear and tidy, conveys simplicity and suits the technology sector
  • Direct CTA
  • Immediately shows the flexibility depending on user requirements
  • In the aesthetic flat design look, the user scrolls through the various possible uses of Dropbox
  • Minimalist design and use of Bold Typography

3. - Virtual Office Service

  • Says briefly and concisely what is on offer
  • Provides arguments about advantages and a call to action for the product trial
  • Conveys seriousness through the sober presentation
  • Use of a proactive chatbot

4. - online fitness courses

  • Modern, attractive design
  • Easy navigation through one-pager
  • Didactically very well structured: clear value proposition "Get fit & happy"
  • Little information scatter loss for the user, as the table of the various programs can be individually adjusted to the user

5. Levi's - premium jeans label

  • On the home page, visitors are welcomed by high-quality moving image product presentations, which pick up on the trend of video content on websites
  • Direct exposure of the USP
  • Strong branding focus as a pioneering and innovative jeans manufacturer
  • Use of retro design (see image 2) in the form of glitch art, which is currently very popular in web design

6. Lieferando - delivery service platform

  • Name, cover picture and CTA tell you immediately what it is about
  • The first step is given and the hungry is guided straight into the buying process
  • For users who are not too familiar with delivery services, Lieferando has added a clear explanation after a short scrolling
  • This guarantees a high level of accessibility to the product, both for connoisseurs and newbies

7. - online toy rental

  • Design is tailored to the (parent) target group: happy, childlike and clear
  • Immediately say what's on offer
  • Answers all questions in a didactically good structure when scrolling down the one-pager: What do I get? How do i get it? How much does it cost?

8. - vegetable delivery service from the producer

  • Sympathetic presentation that conveys the right mood
  • Provides exact and not too detailed information about the offer
  • This is followed by a direct CTA

9. - customizable muesli

  • Very sales-oriented: the visitor is picked up with the core product and a cross-selling takes place when they scroll down

10. Netflix - online video library

  • Communication that is reduced to the bare minimum in every respect and that gets to the point: What do I get? What does it cost and how do I get it?
  • Incentive through free product trial

11. Uber - mobility company

  • Clear, modern, direct and straightforward: the design is straightforward
  • In the menu, the user can find what he is looking for directly on the homepage
  • Stylish and personable presentation of the services and contributors

12. ASOS - online fashion store

  • Direct CTA to the right shop (women or men)
  • Convincing “reason why”: 850 brands are represented in the shop
  • Prominent placement of the 40% sales directly below the navigation bar
  • The eye-catching background image not only conveys a feeling for the style at ASOS, but also the lifestyle that the brand represents

13. DAZN - sports streaming platform