Are Mexicans proud of Donald Trump

Mexicans want to boycott US products

The demands of US President Donald Trump to build a wall to Mexico and to have illegal immigrants deported to their homeland - in Mexico the pithy slogans meet national pride. The advertising industry in the country south of the Rio Bravo sees business in it.

For weeks, the large retail companies have been flooding the Internet with funny, but also thoughtful articles about the current discussions. First and foremost Mexico's luxury brand Corona: A few days ago it published a spot with the theme of Trump's slogan "Make America great again". Message of the spot: America has been big for a long time. Plus impressive pictures, but not from New York, the Grand Canyon or the Midwest. Instead, pictures of the Sugar Loaf, the Panama Canal and Colombian coffee - America is much bigger than the USA, according to Trump.

The dispute between Mexico and Trump dominates the headlines

Snappy commercials by companies are becoming Internet hits

Corona has already landed a success with a spot in just over three months. Almost seven million viewers saw the clip "Tear down your walls". The airline "Aeromexico" has taken on the subject of "Overcoming borders". It criticizes the borders between countries, between people, religions, genders and ideologies. The anti-Trump- Advertising apparently boosts sales, which is necessary in a country whose economy fears falling sales due to possible punitive tariffs and import regulations.

Boycott calls on the net

Private internet users are also mobile on the internet. Using the hashtags #AdiosStarbucks #AdiosMcDonalds or #AdiosWalmart they are calling for a boycott of US brands. The trend began when, after his inauguration, US President Trump again demanded that Mexico should pay for the wall he planned to build between the two countries. As a result of the subsequent Twitter dispute between the two heads of state, Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto finally canceled his planned visit to Washington this week. But the boycott call does not initially show much in the shops. Starbucks stores in Mexico City are still well stocked. The Mexicans are tweeting against Trump. But they continue to consume coffee from Seattle.

US companies are opposing the anti-American sentiment

Starbucks is still spared the anti-American sentiment

Starbucks tries a lot to keep business going. A few days ago, the company announced that it would invest millions in Mexico - the American burger chain "Burger King" had already done so. Starbucks also wants to hire around 10,000 refugees worldwide. Whether that can stop the increasingly anti-American sentiment in Mexico remains to be seen Because the heated atmosphere can also be felt in football. Last weekend, the spectators singed the Mexican national anthem at a first division game between Santos Laguna and Puebla Mexico will celebrate its Independence Day every year, it is the biggest patriotic event in the country and many Mexicans want to become independent from the USA.

Unionists demonstrate against free trade agreements

Mexico's left is bringing thousands to the streets

The political left is also currently mobilizing its supporters and taking advantage of the heated mood in the country. 10,000 protesters protested against the gasoline price hike on Tuesday. On one point the left agrees with Donald Trump: Both the US president and Mexico's socialists reject free trade agreements.