A pinched nerve can cause chest pain

Breathe deeply if there is sharp chest pain

Sometimes teenagers and young adults feel a sharp pain in their chest. However, this is rarely threatening. "Taking a deep breath, even if it initially intensifies the pain, usually ends the problem, "says Monika Niehaus from the professional association of paediatricians in Thuringia." Teenagers can also simply wait, because the symptoms hear themselves after about 30 seconds up again for three minutes. "

Cause of "catch syndrome" not exactly known

As a preventive measure, those affected should take care to occasionally breathe deeply in and out and improve their sitting posture, recommends Niehaus. The causes of the so-called precordial catch syndrome are not yet exactly known. Presumably a nerve is trapped, causing a kind of spasm in the chest. In most patients, symptoms resolve between the ages of 20 and 25 years.

Have chest pain checked by a doctor

Precordial catch syndrome occurs suddenly, usually at rest or after a long period of inactivity - including when changing position. It is localized, contrary to the signs of a heart attack, and does not radiate. No physical changes such as sweating, nausea, vomiting, red or pale face are associated with it. "In any case, teenagers should be checked by their adolescent doctor if they have chest pain in order to rule out other causes - also to calm themselves down," advises Niehaus.

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