How bad is the actor's lifestyle

Leaving Germany for a while is one thing, then going to drama school is another: Wasn't there a spark after all?

It was clear that I was not on any average college would go. The first two years there correspond to our college level, that would have been a waste of time. My parents even said, 'Okay, try this now! See if you have what it takes. See what professional people say about that. ' And then after the first year I got a scholarship.

Wasn't there such an enchanted experience at some point?

There were many enchanted experiences. In our childhood it was more like films like "Star Wars" or "Indiana Jones", but the theater also enchanted me. I had a really great advanced English course, a great teacher who did a lot of Shakespeare with us, which I saw as a great magic back then. There was a really great institution from the city in Munich, a play city called Mini-Munich, in which many professions were represented. There was also a theater in which we worked out a Shakespeare play a week and put it on stage in a very free form. That cast an unbelievable magic on me, a real spark!

What does making the cinema mean to you between entertainment and family therapy?

I really enjoy it, it's an incredibly beautiful job, and I'm in a privileged position. At my school in Boston I was prepared for the fact that one probably couldn't make a living from it. But I was able to make a wonderful living from it from the start. And the fact that I write myself opens up an infinite number of beautiful possibilities. Usually, as an actor, you only come to the set at the end to work with the lyrics. Creating a world yourself from the start and setting it up is something completely different. While as an actor you are constantly with people, writing is always alone, which can be very painful. I really enjoy being able to experience these different creative processes.

According to Isabel Huppert, gambling is also a female profession ...

At least there is something passive about it. When Meryl Streep was once accused of making so many bad films, she said: 'You always imagine that you only have brilliant scripts on the table. In reality, you are the girl with the High school Dance sits in the chair and waits to be prompted. ' And she can dance really well now! As an actor you have to rely on being asked, and that can drive you to despair. It helps a lot to create something myself, as I tried with "Vincent will Meer".