Will Donald Trump build a concrete wall

Ridicule for US presidents : Trump wants to build a border wall - in the middle of the USA

US President Donald Trump has once again caused irritation and ridicule with a geographic error. He announced that the wall on the US-Mexico border would also be built in the US state of Colorado. However: Colorado is far from the border with Mexico.

In a speech in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, Trump first spoke about the state of New Mexico, which is actually on the border with Mexico and borders the Colorado to the north. "Do you know why we're going to win New Mexico? Because they want security on their border," said the president.

Trump added, "And we're building a wall on the New Mexico border, and we're building a wall in Colorado." The wall will be "beautiful" and "big" and "really work".

The president's obvious mistake caused a lot of mocking posts on social networks. The Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy tweeted a picture of a US map with a border with Mexico drawn in felt pen, which also leads around New Mexico and thus along Colorado. The "New" in New Mexico is crossed out.

Jared Polis, Democratic Governor of Colorado, also pointed out Trump's mistake on Facebook. "Fortunately, Colorado now offers free daycare so our children can learn basic geography," he added.

John Hickenlooper, a predecessor as Governor of Colorado and a current US Senator candidate, was one of the first to respond to Trump's mistake. He asked everyone on Twitter who was telling Trump that Colorado borders New Mexico and not Mexico. "Or should I?"

Building a border wall with Mexico is one of Trump's key election promises. The president wants to stop illegal immigration. There were heated disputes with the US Congress about the financing of the highly controversial project, which refused to approve the funds. Finally, Trump got the billions for the construction of the wall from the Ministry of Defense's budget - he did not need parliamentary approval for this.

Trump had recently made headlines with another mix-up of US states. When listing which states are threatened by Hurricane "Dorian", he also named Alabama. This contradicted all forecasts from official weather services. Trump was undeterred, however: He insisted that Alabama could also be affected - to prove this, he even presented a weather map corrected with a felt pen.

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