Can Samsung unlock my phone?

Forgot your pattern, password or code? So you can still unlock your Android phone

Perhaps it has happened to you now: You bought a new cell phone and secured it using the locking method - but unfortunately you forgot the sample or code again. Don't worry: there are several ways to unlock your smartphone.

For Samsung phones: forgot your password, code or pattern? Unlock via "Find my Mobile"

The Samsung service "Find My Mobile" not only helps you to locate your lost cell phone. You can also use it to reset the screen lock if you've forgotten your PIN or pattern. The prerequisite is that you have a Samsung account and have set up Find My Mobile before you lose your code or sample. You can then unlock your phone as follows:

  1. Log in to the Find my Mobile website on your computer with the access data for your Samsung account.
  2. Select your Samsung device from the list on the left.
  3. Then click on the "Unlock" option in the menu.

Forgot the pattern to unlock your smartphone? Don't worry: you don't have to reset the device to its factory settings right away.

For Android phones: Find the unlock via My Device

Google also offers a feature with which you can remotely locate or lock your smartphone if necessary. The service is called "Find My Device" on newer Android phones. Alternatively, it is also referred to as “Find my Device” or “Android Device Manager”. Finding my device also requires that you have set up the service before forgetting your pattern, password or code. You can find it via the settings for your Google account (“Settings | Google | Security”).

  1. To use it to unlock the smartphone, visit the corresponding website.
  2. Log in with the access data for your Google account.
  3. Go to "Lock" and choose a new password.
  4. After a short wait, you can use the password to break through the lock screen of your smartphone.

Important: It depends on the model whether you can change your PIN, code or password remotely. It is certainly worth a try.

In case of emergency: reset your cell phone to its factory settings

Forgot your PIN, pattern or code but can't use Find My Mobile or Find My Device to unlock your smartphone? Then you only have the option to reset the device to its factory settings. All your personal data will be deleted from the mobile phone. To perform the reset, you must first switch off the smartphone. Then you press certain buttons on the device at the same time to switch to the so-called recovery mode.

Which key combination is required varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. We list some of them in our guide to recovery mode. Otherwise you can usually find out the key combination by typing in the mobile phone brand, model name and “reset to factory settings” into a search engine.

For the future: set up a fingerprint sensor or face recognition

You were able to unlock your phone again? Then you should prevent forgotten passwords, codes or patterns in the future by using face recognition or the fingerprint sensor. Which method your mobile phone offers depends on the manufacturer.

You set up fingerprint and face recognition via the Android settings. The menu item can be called “Device Security” or “Biometric Data and Security” - here too, the different models can differ.

Summary: Unlock Android phone without code, password or pattern

  • If you have set up the Samsung service Find my Mobile, you can unlock the Android phone even if you have forgotten the pattern, code or password.
  • The Google service Find My Device can also help in this case.
  • Both methods are excluded? Then all you have to do is reset the smartphone to its factory settings.

Have you ever forgotten your password, code or sample? And did you have to overcome the lock screen of your Android phone using alternative methods? We'd love to hear from you in the comments.

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