Animals see things that we cannot

Can cats see ghosts? 7 Evidence for the 7th sense in house cats

Are cats related to the supernatural? Can you predict natural disasters like storms, earthquakes or floods? Many people believe cats have a 7th sense - 7 clues that show that there might be some truth to it.

The relationship between humans and cats has been special since the beginning of time. The ancient Egyptians in particular were convinced of the psychic abilities of cats. They adored the animals and anyone who wriggled a cat's hair could even expect to be punished with death.

In the Middle Ages, the idolatry of cats turned into its opposite. The Catholic Church in particular brought them closer to sorcerers and witchcraft. Cats were suddenly hunted like witches, many ended up on the stake like them.

To date, many irrational fears regarding cats have persisted. It is the black cat that brings bad luck and in some parts of Europe it is still believed today that cats take babies' breath and kill them in this way.

Are cats possibly actually connected with supernatural or even dark forces? 7 things cats do that are scary and sometimes weird.

1. Can cats see ghosts? At least they see things that are hidden from us

Cats perceive the world very differently than we humans do. If you've ever had the feeling that your cat is seeing something you can't, then you may not be completely wrong with your observation:

According to a study by City University in London, cats should be able to see ultraviolet light. This ability gives them access to a world that is invisible to us humans.

Ultraviolet light (UV) has wavelengths beyond what is visible to us, namely from red to purple. The human lens of the eye blocks large parts of the UV light from reaching the retina. The lens does not do this in cats.

As supernatural as this ability may seem, it is practical: In nature, cats are able to better recognize traces of urine and thus reliably track down possible prey.

2. A cat stares into nothing: what are cats watching when they do this?

The answer to this question also depends on whether one believes in supernatural things or not. The fact is:

There are papers and fabrics that appear one-dimensional and white to us - a cat's eye, on the other hand, reveals a fabulous blaze of colors on such surfaces!

What exactly cats see there must remain their secret for better or for worse.

3. Protection against evil spirits, warnings against severe weather

The British animal rights organization Blue Cross asked more than 2,000 pet owners whether they believe that their pets can protect them from evil spirits or storms. More than 30 percent of those questioned agreed with this thesis.

The way in which their cats warn them was stated differently by the owners: some would mew in excited mood, others would hiss. Still others apparently inform their owners of the presence of ghosts with their fur raised.

4. Clairvoyant abilities of cats

Can cats anticipate certain things? There have been several studies on the clairvoyant ability of cats! A study from Great Britain in particular comes to an interesting result. It literally says:

“Some owners have been convinced that their cats will sense when a family member comes home or will be away for a long time. More than 75 percent of the pet owners surveyed believe that their dogs and cats can sense diseases - for example by repeatedly lying down on the affected part of the body or cleaning it. "

It is uncertain whether cats can actually indicate diseases in this way. It is different with dogs: In a corresponding study, dogs are said to have been able to "sniff out" cancer using urine samples with a hit rate of an incredible 98 percent.

The crucial question is: Why should not such sensitive animals as cats have been given this ability by Mother Nature in the cradle?

5. Can cats predict when people will die?

There is also a creepy story from a hospice in the USA. A cat named Oscar once lived there. At first it was the residents' sunshine, but soon it became uncanny to them. The cat seemed to have a special ability that frightened the residents.

The animal kept sitting on or next to a terminally ill person. If Oscar the cat did that, it was clear to the residents and staff at the nursing home that the person's death would soon come.

Only a few hours later, the majority of the people actually died. The cat Oscar became so sure of his predictions that one day the nurses would go over to inform the relatives if he sat on someone again.

So the relatives still had enough time to say goodbye. In more than 25 cases, Oscar is said to have anticipated the death of a resident in this way.

The hospice's general practitioner said about the hangover:

“He doesn't make a lot of mistakes. He seems to understand when patients are dying "

6. Cats' Sense of Orientation: Why Do They Always Find Home?

There are always strange individual cases that seem to confirm the special abilities of cats.

For example, how is it possible that cats can travel hundreds of kilometers to return home?

For example, a tomcat named Felix from Braunschweig made it. After moving, he simply walked back to his old home in Berlin. Braunschweig and Berlin are at least 250 kilometers apart! How the cat overcame this distance is his secret.

Felix was missing for 1.5 years and then reappeared in a Berlin animal shelter. Thanks to the information stored on his microchip, it was able to be returned to its rightful owners in Braunschweig.

7. Sense of time: Do cats have an internal clock?

Most cat owners can confirm that cats know exactly when it is time for their food! If the times are not kept punctually by the can opener, quite a few acknowledge this with a heartbreaking meow concert.

The story of Tomcat Willi shows that cats have an impressive sense of time. Once a week Willi had a very special appointment: Every Monday at 7.30 p.m. he walked several blocks to a clinic where a group of women always played bingo at this time.

According to its owners, there was nothing that the cat could stop Willi from doing his thing. He always knew exactly when it was Monday and when it was time to start running.

What exactly he wanted with the women playing quickly became apparent: The bingo players had taken a liking to the cat's visit and always spoiled him with cat treats while they were playing.

Conclusion: Do cats have psychic abilities, or can everything be explained logically in the end?

The internet is full of testimonials that seem to confirm cats' supernatural abilities.

There are things in this world that cannot be explained by the means of science. If you ever observe strange reactions from your cat, which could indicate that she is having a psychic experience: Just stay cool and know that everything in this world has a purpose!

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