There are brown recluse spiders in California

Description, photo, lifestyle of a recluse spider

It has been around 400 million years since the first spider appeared on planet Earth. At the moment there are already more than forty thousand species. Spiders are not insects, but a separate class and order - arachnids.

In the spider department and in the spider-like class there is a family of poisonous creatures - recluse spiders. They pose a great danger to humans because their bite is invisible and the poison is very poisonous. The brown (or brown) recluse spider is considered to be the most venomous of this family. If this vicious creature lives where you live, you need to be able to spot it.

Brown Hermit Spider

One of these families is a brown or brown spider (hermit). The photo is shown below.

These creatures are distinguished by their poisonous poison. After an insect bite at this point, there is complete necrosis of the tissue. The "lucky ones" lucky enough to have a neighbor like the brown spider (hermit) are residents of the eastern United States.

This poisonous creation of nature cannot be attributed to the kindest of individuals, but it is characterized by activity and moderately intrusive character. Perhaps the brown recluse spider would have remained an inconspicuous arthropod to this day, but the strange quality of its venom caught the attention of scientists. Professor Binford explains that these spiders have been using their venom for about 120 million years.

Habitat eight-headed "monster"

This species of spider can be found in the American Midwest to the Gulf of Mexico. You have not yet arrived in California, but representatives of the Looseness genus live in these places. There is a red recluse spider in Hawaii (see photo below). He is a relative of the eight-headed "monster".

Global warming may cause this type of arachnid to move further north. So get to know his representatives in detail. Currently, Georgia, the Mediterranean and southern Russia are considered favorable habitats for a recluse spider.

Spiders like to hide in the roots of trees, in animal caves, usually in shady places. Over time, the hermit spider is increasingly found in garages, basements, toilets and attics as well as in sewer shafts. The hermits behave like neighbors to people who settle in apartments and houses.

The appearance of a little hermit

The brown spider is small. With straight legs, the body length is 6-20 mm. This deadly recluse spider cannot always be noticed because it is very small. Women are taller than men.

The body is predominantly brown in color, gray and dark yellow individuals can sometimes be found. The brown recluse spider is also called the violin. This was made easier by the fact that the drawing on the head and chest is very similar to this musical instrument.

A special feature of this type is the presence of 6 eyes instead of 8. Small, sensitive hairs can be seen on the stomach and paws. A recluse spider's legs are quite long and thin. When he is resting, his legs are wide apart.

Way of life

Brown recluse spiders are nocturnal predators. You eat in the dark. Men come out of their web and go on nightly forays to investigate distant areas. Women are not very fond of doing this, they usually prefer to hunt near their home. The rest of the day, little hunters sit in a remote place in the evening.

The food for the brown recluse spider is anything that falls into the trap, the role of which the web plays. The prey consists mainly of small insects and other spiders. Getting food is not difficult at all for hermits, it doesn't take a lot of work. Scientists have left an unsolved mystery as to why nature then endowed this insect with powerful poison. The eight-headed "monsters" live in peace without having to touch anyone.


A female brown recluse spider, having chosen a secluded spot from prying eyes, begins to lay eggs in white sac cocoons. In each such cocoon, woven from the net by the woman personally, there are 40-50 eggs. The bag has a diameter of about 7.5 mm.

The many young brown recluse spiders born into the world develop many melts before they become adults. You change your outfit 5-8 times. These creatures painfully tolerate such a procedure, they are uncomfortable with it. It is possible that hermits show anger and bite painfully as a result.

Discarded spider outfit is quite tough, it can be stored in the ground for a long time. Experienced experts use it for identification when studying insects of this species. In natural conditions, a brown recluse spider can live for 2-4 years.

A hermit spider bite is dangerous to humans.

For humans, the most terrible animals, strangely enough, are poisonous spiders. You can calmly get to your victim and give a "back push". It is clear that no one wants to be in their place! Hermit spiders are some of the most dangerous arthropods in the world. The venom of these animals acts slowly, their manifestation can be noticed only a few hours after the bite. At first, the person feels a slight tingling or burning sensation. Then it all depends on how much poison is ingested. In the event that it got a lot, after 5-6 hours the bite will begin to swell and a bubble will appear. The following symptoms occur:
• Malfunction of the heart.
• Bowel problems (frustration).
• Annoying cough and runny nose.

Tissue necrosis often develops after a spider bite. It is promoted by the presence of many enzymes in the poison. The necrosis of the subcutaneous tissue delays the healing process for a long three years. It is possible that the bite could lead to the death of the victim, which is often seen in young children and the elderly.

Safety precautions

Although it is a poisonous creature and is not aggressive, there is no need to wait for mercy if it is disturbed: it will bite - it will bite! It is better to avoid this situation in time and protect yourself from the deadly poison. To do this, follow the recommendations below:
• Carry out cleaning in the house carefully and remove the paper web in good time.
• Avoid cracking the walls when they appear - shine or seal immediately.
• Before you put on objects, they must be carefully checked.
• Before going to bed, you must also check the bed.
• There must be no litter or boxes under the bed and it must not be placed near the wall.

If you follow the rules above, it is quite realistic to avoid the attack of a dangerous creature that can cause great trouble.

Help needed for a brown spider bite

If the brown spider bites you should immediately do everything possible to stop the poison from spreading. You can put ice on the bite. Make sure to treat the wound with one of the antiseptics and, of course, see a doctor.

Previously, the damaged skin was surgically removed during treatment. Therapy is currently carried out with antibiotics. When a person turns on time, inject a serum.