Do you believe in forever

Lisa, 19, is studying European Studies. (Photo: Bene Müller)

"You have to fight for a relationship!"

Do you dream of the great, lifelong love?

Somehow. But then I'm skeptical again. My parents separated when I wasn't even a year old. So I don't even know mom and dad as a couple. It is unrealistic to believe that you can be happy with someone for the rest of your life.

You have to explain that to us ...

People evolve. Anyone who goes really well together today might not have anything to say in five years. The interests and future plans change.

Do you think love has to be worked on?

If two decide to stay together forever, they will have to fight over and over again for their relationship. Not to question everything when things get difficult - that is the art. And then even more to stick together. Going through thick and thin and sometimes putting back for the other - if you can't do that, you will probably not experience eternal love.

"You can be happy with several people!"

Alexandra, 18, high school graduate. (Photo: Bene Müller)

Friendship or love - what do you choose?

Honestly? I haven't given so much to friendships for a long time. I had leukemia and a couple of really good friends ran away step by step. There is no guarantee for anything in life.

So are you counting on love?

Yes, great love exists - but not for life. In my opinion, one can be happy with several people. But there is probably one person who will keep you busy all your life. Namely the one who broke your heart for the first time.

How is it with your parents?

They see it very pragmatically, because they are no longer together. Both are currently singles, so far they haven't found anything long-term. But they say I'm the best thing that has ever happened to them. I adore my parents all my life. I would do anything for a good relationship with you.

Maxi, 18, is in 12th grade. (Photo: Bene Müller)

"My parents are my role models when it comes to love!"

How much do you wish you had a great love?

Not so much right now. I'm single and haven't had a real girlfriend yet. I want to try myself a little first before I commit myself forever. Later on, I definitely want to do it like my parents did. They have been married for 21 years and have been happy together. When it comes to love, they are my role models.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Not at all. I can only fall in love with girls I have known longer and well. After all, I want to know her character before I give my heart to her. For example, it is very important to me that she is always in a good mood. I just can't handle a bad mood.

And how do you feel about friendships?

In any case, they are more consistent. You risk a lot less, after all, you don't lose your heart to a good friend. But friendships cannot replace love in the long term.