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C4 and 4 other important items in Rust - This is how you get them

The survival MMO Rust offers a long list of different items. Especially as a newcomer, the overview of what you actually need and what not can quickly be missing. MeinMMO presents you with a total of five items that you should definitely keep your eyes open for.

What kind of items are these? Here are some important items that will help you in Rust. Some of these are useful throughout the game and will help you survive. Others are intended for building your base or are needed to ambush other players later in the game.

You probably won't find most of these items at the beginning. But if that does happen, you should definitely keep it and not allow other players to loot you.

Tip: On the rustlabs website you will find further, useful information about these items and everything else that you can find in Rust.

C4 - explosive charges for raiding

What is C4? The "Timed Explosive Charge", usually just called C4, is a useful item for attacking another opponent's base. It destroys parts of the building that have been built and thus enables penetration into a base.

To do this, the C4 is thrown and explodes after a short time, causing great damage. It only hits the component to which the C4 is attached.

How do I get C4? The easiest way to get C4 is to find it. However, the chances of this are quite slim:

  • 31% chance in APC crates
  • 17% chance in helicopter crates
  • 15% chance in locked boxes at the oil drilling station
  • 14% chance in locked boxes and supply drops
  • 3% chance in Elite Crates
  • 0.4% chance as a drop from "Heavy Scientists"

In addition, the charges can be made if you have the blueprint. To make the C4, you need 20 units of explosives, five pieces of cloth and two units of tech junk.

You will generally receive blueprints when you dispose of the corresponding item together with scrap at a research table. So the first C4 you find should be used for research. The same goes for the other items in this guide.

The best weapons: assault rifle and repeating rifle

What kind of weapons are these? Both the assault rifle and the bolt action rifle are among the most powerful weapons in Rust. The assault rifle can fire fully automatically and is still precise even at medium and long ranges. The repeating rifle is ideal for hunting or long-range ambushes.

The assault rifle, reminiscent of an AK-47, has replaced the M4, which was previously the most powerful rifle in the game. The rifles will help you survive and advance into tougher areas to get even better prey.

The repeating rifle is extremely useful especially with a silencer and a telescopic sight. This gives you a higher chance of meeting enemies without being detected yourself.

Both weapons use 5.56mm ammunition, which is available in different variants. So if you stumble across appropriate ammunition on your forays, it's best to stash them until you find one of these rifles.

Where can i get it? Like the C4, the easiest way to get the assault rifle and the repeating rifle is from boxes, but here too with a relatively low chance.

Assault rifle:

  • 20% chance in boxes at the oil drilling station and in locked boxes
  • 4% chance in elite boxes (condition 10-20%)
  • 1% chance in APC and helicopter boxes and as a drop from "Heavy Scientists"

For the production you need 50 units of high-quality metal, 200 units of wood, four springs and a rifle body.

Repeating rifle:

  • 20% chance in locked boxes at the oil drilling station and in locked boxes
  • 3% chance in elite boxes (condition 1-5%)
  • 1% chance in APC and helicopter boxes and as a drop from "Heavy Scientists"

To make it, you need 20 units of high-quality metal, three metal pipes, a spring and a rifle body.

Metal armor for protection

What use is the armor to me? Metal armor provides the best balance between mobility and protection. With it you get a strong resistance to firearms and close combat without sacrificing mobility too much.

The armor consists of a head and a chest part. Combine these two best with a street sign kilt to protect the lower part of the body as well.

You won't be able to find or manufacture the armor until relatively late. It is also an excellent way to explore harder areas. If you just want to defend your base, you can use heavy plate armor instead.

Where can I find them? Like most strong gear, metal armor is best found at the oil rig and in boxes.

Metal breastplate:

  • 31% chance in locked boxes at the oil rig and in locked boxes
  • 3% chance in Elite Crates
  • 1% chance in helicopter crates
  • 0.4% chance as a drop from "Heavy Scientists"

The production requires 50 units of leather, 25 units of high-quality metal and eight needle and thread.

Metal helmet:

  • 26% chance in locked boxes at the oil drilling station and in locked boxes
  • 3% chance in Elite Crates
  • 1% chance in helicopter crates
  • 0.4% chance as a drop from "Heavy Scientists"

To make it, you need 50 units of leather, 15 units of high-quality metal and six needle and thread.

Scrap - important material

What is junk and what do I need it for? Scrap is used as the raw material for many recipes in Rust. You will need it to manufacture other components or even some construction plans, among other things. You also need it to upgrade your workbench.

Where can I get scrap? You can find the important resource almost everywhere. Almost every box has a chance to reward you with a little scrap. However, there are often only small amounts to be found there.

If you need a lot of scrap quickly, there are several ways you can farm it faster and more efficiently:

  • recycles excess materials in outposts
  • buys scrap from vendors in exchange for other materials
  • visits harder areas, the boxes there usually contain more scrap

Gunpowder - you always need it

What is gunpowder and what do i need it for? With gunpowder you make all kinds of ammunition, from shotgun cartridges to rifle ammunition to rockets. You also need gunpowder to make grenades and other explosives. Some materials for the C4, such as the explosives components, also require the black powder.

Gunpowder is one of the most important materials. If you find some early and can't do anything with it, be sure to keep it for later in the game.

Where can I find gunpowder? Unlike scrap, gunpowder is a little more difficult to find. It's not just lying around in boxes, it can only be found in mines. In return you get it for dismantling ammunition and explosives.

You can also mix your own gunpowder by mixing sulfur and kogle at the workbench.

The start in Rust can be pretty tough and you will probably lose it a lot before you can find your way around. It is important that you learn from your mistakes and do not allow yourself to be frustrated.

Rust is one of the best survival MMOs around and you should definitely try it out as a fan of the genre. If you want to keep looking around, you can find the 25 best survival games for 2021 in our list.


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