Why do they call Messi an alien

Lionel Messi - the extraterrestrial

When his gala ended, lead actor Lionel Messi had his hands full. First there was consolation for the extras from Leverkusen, then the extensive thanks to the other Catalonian artists. A quick glance at the sky, then the Argentine strolled to his work tool lost in thought and traditionally grabbed the ball.

It was probably only then that he realized that he had written a new chapter in football history with his FC Barcelona 7-1 against Bayer Leverkusen. And what one. For a completely overwhelmed Werkself, Messi's masterpiece was a five-act drama.

Five goals in a Champions League round of 16. In addition, Messi set his own record of twelve goals in one season in the premier class - and so far in only seven games.

But numbers are secondary. His appearance was a demonstration of the highest level of football artistry, his goals somewhere between genius and madness and even banal dusters like the 4-0 look more light-footed.

His unmatched tenderness in relation to the ball is an interplay of tempo and poetry. And what did the King of Catalonia himself say? "It's nice to score five goals. But the most important thing is that we made it through." Aha.

Humility and humility

His modesty and humility are a slap in the face for glamor footballers who put personal success before team success. Messi is magic and the 75,632 spectators at Camp Nou can proudly say: "I was there".

During the game they stood up, bowed and celebrated their 1.69 meter "Flea" with "Messi, Messi" chants. And the Spanish media also burst into hymns of praise.

The "AS", which is close to their big rival Real Madrid, immediately printed a declaration of love. "One day he will stop playing and we will start to remember him. One day we will tell our descendants that we have seen him play. We will try to describe him and for this we will become a deluge of adjectives but it will definitely put a smile on our face. "

For the "Sport", Messi "is not a footballer. He's an alien. As hard as you try, there are no words to describe Leo Messi."

Dutt goes into raptures

This is how Leverkusen's trainer Robin Dutt saw it, who actually wanted to hold back from enthusiasm, but then became weak when faced with numerous questions about Messi. "There are hardly any words for him," said Dutt. Barcelona are the best team in the world without Messi, but with Messi in a different galaxy.

While Barca and Messi were in seventh football heaven, the FIFA President also spoke out. Appropriately from the roof of the world.

"An incredible idea from Messi. He makes football look simple and that's what the game is all about," tweeted Sepp Blatter, who is currently in Bhutan as part of his trip to Asia.

And Messi was also the topic at the other end of the world. In Australia, Channel 7 featured Messi Magic on the main news alongside Aussie Football and Cricket.

The competition in Europe also tried superlatives via Twitter. "Was that the Champions League? Or was that Playstation?" Asked Falcao from Atletico Madrid. The congratulations from Manchester were successful. For United star striker Wayne Rooney, Messi is "a joke. For me, the best of all time."

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