Will the hot glue gun burst

The hot glue gun - how it works, tips and application examples

The hot glue gun is often used in the hobby and DIY sector. Their area of ​​application is extremely wide: modeling, fixing, repairing, sealing and grouting. With hot glue or hot melt glue can almost everything to be glued to everything. Wood, plastic, metal, ceramics, glass, textiles, leather and much more.

How a hot glue gun works

The rod-shaped hot melt adhesive is heated in the machine. When the trigger is pressed, the glue stick (also called glue candle) is pressed into the melting chamber. Electronically controlled heating elements ensure that the hot melt adhesive in the form of glue sticks is heated to the melting point and can be applied to the workpieces to be glued. The glue liquefied by the heating is pressed out of the nozzle at the front. Sometimes the glue stick is simply pushed forward with the thumb. At the other end of the price bar there are hot glue guns that press the hot melt adhesive forward using air pressure. For some, the glue temperature can even be adjusted.

Prepare for hot glueing

The joints should be dry and free of dust and grease. Smooth surfaces can be roughened to increase the adhesive strength. After applying the adhesive, the workpieces should be pressed together immediately until the adhesive has solidified. After approx. 5 minutes the glue point can be loaded.

Important when using the hot glue: Risk of burns!

The glue and the nozzle tip heat up to 200 ° C. Never let hot glue get on people or animals. If hot glue touches the skin, immediately put the area under one for a few minutes cold water jet hold. Do not try to remove the adhesive from the skin. Better get a doctor to do it!

Advantages and disadvantages of the hot melt adhesive

Melt glue has been used in the form of birch pitch for 45,000 years. Ötzi also used it to glue his arrowheads to the arrow shafts. Birch pitch was obtained from birch bark by dry distillation.

Nowadays you can easily buy hot melt adhesives on the Internet, for example the hot melt adhesives from Ostermann. Modern adhesives convince with a number of advantages:

  • you are solvent-free and yet usable for many years. There are even polyamide hot melt adhesives that would theoretically be compostable.
  • The processing succeeds fast.
  • you are versatile can be used, bond a wide variety of materials.
  • The glue line is elastic and the glue can do small ones Bumps iron out.
  • The glue can usually be heated later residue-free removed.

But where there is light, there is also shadow. One of the disadvantages of gluing with the hot glue gun is the one mentioned above risk of injury. In addition, hot melt adhesives tend to give up when they come into contact with some chemicals. They are "chemically poorly resistant".



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Video: Presentation of a cordless hot glue gun

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