What is Programmatic Job Ad

7 reasons why you should use programmatic job advertising

Your advantages with programmatic job advertising

The two main benefits of Programmatic Job Advertising are:

  1. Precise addressing of your target group
  2. Budgets are used optimally. You only pay if the job advertisement is viewed.

Further advantages are:

1. Increase the range

Programmatic job advertisements are a great way to grow the number of potential candidates you reach. With just a few clicks, you can advertise your vacancies on numerous publishing networks - that you may never have heard of.

After all, the best job seekers are not always on the big job boards. However, a programmatic job advertising tool like the one from onapply turns the entire internet into a "help wanted" poster. It's never been easier to post on mainstream and niche sites that you wouldn't have thought about otherwise, but that appeal to the right audience.

2. Statistics for optimization

With onapply you can see exactly from which job exchange / website your applications came and how much an application from this site cost you. This enables you to optimize the placement of your next job advertisement.

3. Save money

Speaking of cost savings, spending your limited budget on all of the open positions can be a daunting task. This is where dynamic budget allocation (also known as bidding) comes in handy.

This is a great way to ensure that you are paying for ads that actually deliver tangible results and the highest ROI possible. In fact, by using programmatic job advertising software, you can cut your costs per applicant by over 30%.

4. Target ideal candidates

With programmatic job advertisements, you can target the candidates who exactly match the profile you are looking for. As a result, you are more likely to target and engage with higher quality applicants.

It goes without saying that you will show job seekers who actually want to deal with your ad relevant content and thus offer them a meaningful experience that arouses their interest in your offer.

The statistics speak for themselves: Programmatic job advertisements lead to an 8% increase in candidates reaching the final stage of hiring compared to prospects who applied through traditional online job boards.

5. Strengthen your employer brand

As you probably already know, different messages will resonate with different groups of people. In your recruiting efforts, you may want to target college graduates for entry-level positions, but also showcase your company to senior candidates. However, each of them might be interested in seeing different aspects of your business.

Fortunately, with programmatic job advertisements, you can post lots of ads that are worded differently - all at the same time. You can create multiple messages that highlight different facets of your company, its values, and its culture. This way, all of your relevant target groups will receive ads that address them directly, which will help increase awareness of the employer brand and lead to a stronger brand.

6. Improving the candidate experience

Of course, showing your potential candidates what they want to see is not only beneficial for you. By delivering meaningful and relevant content to them, the candidate's experience also improves dramatically.

They start building your relationships with candidates before they even apply, and they get to know what they want to know about your company right from the start, on platforms they enjoy using.

7. Retargeting potential applicants

Some programmatic job advertising providers allow you to retarget candidates who've already visited your ad but didn't apply for the role.

Re-targeting means the potential applicant will see your job ad again when they browse the web long after they click off your listing.

Retargeting these prospects often prevents losing out on top-quality candidates that otherwise might have fallen by the wayside.