What is Madonna's best film role


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Susan ... desperately wanted
("Desperately Seeking Susan")
with Madonna, Rosanna Arquette
Directed by Susan Seidelman
Length: 103 min.

Housewife Roberta (Rosanna Arquette) has a somewhat unusual hobby: She likes to read personals for her life. Not that she was really looking for a man - she found him a long time ago: His name is Gary (Mark Blum) sells bathtubs and is otherwise boring as hell. That's why Roberta likes to tell the stories behind the anonymous ads. ...
The editorial rating:45 %
Dick Tracy
("Dick Tracy")
with Warren Beatty, Madonna
Directed by Warren Beatty
Length: 103 min.

Detective Dick Tracy (Warren Beatty) has only one goal: "His" city must stay clean. His friend Tess Trueheart (Glenne Headly) has long since come to terms with the fact that for "her" Dick, the job comes first. So far, Lips Manlis (Paul Sorvino) has been considered the boss of the underworld and the main adversary of Tracy - however, he has disappeared for some time and Dick realizes that something is going on with totally wrong things; so he listens around. ...
The editorial rating:95 %

In a class of its own
("A League Of Their Own")
with Tom Hanks, Geena Davis
Director: Penny Marshall
Length: 128 min.

The "Second World War" also had an impact on American sports life: with most of the men at the front, you couldn't get enough players for a baseball league. But there is still the "other" gender. The officials call the first women's baseball league into being. ...
The editorial rating:75 %
Body of Evidence
("Body Of Evidence")
(USA / D)
with Madonna, Willem Dafoe
Director: Uli Edel
Length: 100 min.

The millionaire Marsh is found dead in his bed, cause of death: heart attack. Nothing unusual if it weren't for his secretary, Joanne Braslow (Anne Archer), who claims he was deliberately driven to his death. Malefactor: His wife Rebecca Carlson (Madonna), who is also said to inherit his millions. You drove him to death with increasingly wilder sex practices. ...
The editorial rating:30 %

with Madonna, Antonio Banderas
Directed by Alan Parker
Length: 134 min.

For years there were discussions about the filming of Andrew Lloyd Webber's rock opera "Evita": Director Oliver Stone threw in the towel, Argentina's President refused to allow filming, Lloyd Webber refused Madonna as the leading actress ... Arrived right on time for the 20th anniversary of the play "Evita" is finally in the cinemas. ...
The editorial rating:90 %
A friend to fall in love with
("The Next Best Thing")
with Rupert Everett, Madonna
Director: John Schlesinger
Length: 98 min.

Yoga teacher Abbie (Madonna) and landscape designer Robert (Rupert Everett) are best friends with some things in common. Even if they both haven't found a partner for life yet, at least their relationship with one another remains unencumbered by love, lust and other vices - because Robert likes men as much as Abbie. When Abbie is left quite rough by her last boyfriend Kevin (Michael Vartan), neither Robert’s skills as a comforter nor his glorious ...
The editorial rating:45 %

Stormy Love - Swept Away
("Swept Away")
with Madonna, Jeanne Tripplehorn
Directed by Guy Ritchie
Length: 89 min.

Three couples of friends meet in a Greek Mediterranean port to set off on a private cruise vacation together. Amber (Madonna) is around 40, beautiful, rich, spoiled and extremely arrogant. In contrast to her husband Tony (Bruce Greenwood), who meets her moods with unshakable peacefulness. But that doesn't make Amber happy either. Selfish, superficial and childless, she makes her way through life without regard to her surroundings, s ...
The editorial rating:45 %