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There is already a first edition of the Golf Quotes on this blog. Little by little I discovered a lot more, so it was time to start a second edition of this as well.

And again it is golf professionals and enthusiastic amateurs who utter sayings about the best sport in the world. So here are many more golf-related quotes.

Let’s again let the golf pros have their say first

“I read the greens in Spanish, but I putt in English.” - Chi-Chi Rodriguez

“The older I get, the better I used to be.” - Lee Trevino

“You shouldn't overdo the game of golf. Two rounds a day is enough. ”- Harry Vardon

“I've never learned anything from a match that I won.” - Bobby Jones

The reporter to Bernhard Langer: “And can you get by with the language in London?” Langer: “I have no problems. The English certainly do! "

“Working on your golf swing is like ironing a shirt. As soon as you have finished one side, the other side is full of creases again. ”- Tom Watson

"Any golfer who says he plays better at 55 than at 25 was not particularly good at 25." - Henry Beard

“I swing just like 20 years ago. The difference to before is that the balls fly differently. " - Lee Trevino

"The sport of golf is characterized by trying to turn the worst contortions of the body into a graceful movement." - Tommy Amour

“Why should you practice if you play well? And why only if you play badly - there's no point in practicing a bad swing. " - Fred Couples

“Golf is not the game of great strokes. It is the game of the most accurate failures. Who makes the smallest mistakes wins. " - Gene Littler

"You are never too old to start with this game, as long as you can run you can play golf too" - Louise Suggs

But of course other personalities also played golf

"Yes, I play golf, but I'm almost ashamed to admit it - I don't think about anything else." - Hugh Grant (eng. Actor)

“I am probably the only golfer who has never broken a club. Well, if you disregard the one I bent and then thrown into the bushes. ”- Thomas Boswell (American sports columnist)

"Golf is not a fair game, just impartial." - John Glover (American actor)

"When you pick up a golfer and hold it to your ear like a clam - you hear a lot of excuses." - Fred Beck (American baseball player)

“A golfer has more enemies than any other athlete: fourteen different clubs, eighteen very different holes per week, all around him are sand, trees, grass, water, wind and other players. And since the game is half mentally dependent, he is his worst enemy himself. ”- Dan Jenkins (American sports journalist)

"The golf swing is like a suitcase in which you want to pack one thing too much." - John Updike amerik. Writer)

“Golf consists of 20% swing and technique. The rest is made up of philosophy, humor, tragedy, romance, melodrama, society, camaraderie, stubbornness and chatter.

The list goes on and on - do you have any more golf quotes?

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