Is Suga gay or not

BTS: V makes a shocking confession!

As a K-Pop band, BTS have made a name for themselves in Germany. And even if Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, V and Co. always seem so happy, some of them have dark pasts.

At least since their appearance at the American Music Awards BTS An indispensable part of the music scene: The musicians from South Korea are a K-Pop band that have now made it to Germany with their hits. You are living your dream. But they haven't had it that easy in their lives up to now. V is now unpacking about his childhood and confesses that he used to be bullied at school. A really shocking confession!

False friends

When a fan pours his heart out to him, V also tells a shocking story: At school he was friends with someone who could do everything. At some point he felt as if his friend was always looking down at him. Then he was invited to a birthday by said friend. He assumed the boyfriend would be celebrating at home - but he didn't. He'd told everyone where he was partying, just not the BTS star.

Jealousy was the reason

So after a while he called his friend and found out where the party was really taking place. He went there, delivered his present, and left straight away. “I still remember how much I cried when I went home,” recalls V. But in retrospect, the BTS star found out why his supposed friend had treated him like this: “At some point he told me that he was just jealous of me. " The two then made up again after apologizing. If that doesn't give you courage!