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Extraordinary: 15 Evidence That It Is You (But You Don't Know)

Many of them heard again and again in their childhood that they were something very special. Of course, children are something extraordinary, especially for parents. But over the years, most people lose that feeling. You swim with the flow, get lost in the crowd and no longer see yourself as exceptional, but as part of the bigger picture. This does not have to be the case and your own perception also plays an important role, because what is special often goes unnoticed, especially in your own person. 15 Evidence That You Are Extraordinary And You May Not Even Know It ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

What does it mean to be extraordinary?

Anyone who thinks of extraordinary people quickly has images of celebrities in front of their minds. Anyone who is “extraordinary” is simply not “ordinary”.

Exceptional, on the one hand, an adjective that can have a reinforcing effect (in the sense of very, much or strong) and, on the other hand, a synonym for extraordinary, remarkable or incomparable. So it can just mean something positive.

Often we express ourselves in admiration of a person: someone is exceptionally polite, quick, or friendly. Without any further addition, we mostly refer to the whole being of a person exceptionally. The same can be said of a person's work.

An applicant wrote an extraordinary application because it clearly stands out from the crowd of other applications. One team did an extraordinary job because the project could still be completed on schedule, although it looked very bad in the meantime. In such cases, what is extraordinary is shown by a direct comparison.

Mainstream: Belonging is a nice feeling

Going with the mainstream means adapting, but that is exactly what is often interpreted as a negative sign. It is assumed that these are followers without their own opinion or an extraordinary profile.

And if you want to be successful, you have to be able to stand out from the crowd. However, there are also reasons that speak in favor of moving closer to the mainstream. It feels good to feel part of a group and to share the opinion of others.

This also gives many a feeling of security. On the other hand, it can even be helpful professionally to know the taste of the mainstream or perhaps even to share it to a certain extent. In other words, if you want to develop a product for the masses, you also have to know what the masses actually need.

However, the feeling for one's own peculiarity is easily lost and is replaced by uniformity. Similar clothes bought in the same shops, the same courses of study for colleagues who now do almost the same tasks every day as you do. However, the awareness that everyone is exceptional can be re-established.

Anyone who just tries to be normal will never find out how great he or she could be!

You choose how and who you want to be

In considering what is exceptional, you should not depend on the attribution of others. Those who allow the extraordinary for themselves only through the evaluation of others, refuse it. Such an approach is more suitable for putting yourself under unnecessary pressure:

Again not standing out from the crowd, the grade for the work was only mediocre. The job is a daily routine, the apartment is average in size and the social contacts work, but everything in the normal, accustomed framework - few surprises.

Those who instead expect fireworks of excitement and mood every day in each of their areas of life may have too high expectations of what should be extraordinary. To be exceptional does not have to be a characteristic that would be externally recognizable at birth.

Nor does it just happen and be there overnight. Rather, it's a choice. In emergency situations, for example, people are capable of extraordinary things: They decide to help others in spite of any danger to their own lives.

You don't have to be extraordinarily attractive (even if it doesn't hurt), you don't even have to be extraordinarily smart.

Even celebrities like Richard Branson, whom you may admire for their success, started out small. The special thing that distinguishes certain people is often their strength of character and their mindset.

In no way does this include trying to imitate something that you are not, for the hell of it. Or having to prove to anyone how meaningful you are. Rather, it is more important to live the way it feels right for you. Then you are authentic and automatically extraordinary, because many people cannot free themselves from what others think.

15 signs that you are exceptional without even realizing it

“Anyone who goes with the mainstream is no longer extraordinary.” This exaggerated statement is of course not true, because how extraordinary someone is is not only measured by whether they have a different opinion in every discussion or whether they stand out with an unusual outfit.

Rather, the small things that go unnoticed at first glance and often go unnoticed are also decisive. These 15 pieces of evidence can show you that you are exceptional and that you may not even know it yourself ...

You are a dreamer - even during the day

Over time, many lose their dreams and settle for what they encounter in daily life. You, however, have not lost sight of your dreams. It doesn't matter whether others describe your daydreams as unrealistic or stupid and may even smile at you for it. As long as you dream big, doubters can't stop you from chasing them.

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You have no problem showing your feelings

Showing feelings is often mistakenly associated with weakness. In fact, the exact opposite is true, which is why it makes you all the more extraordinary when you have no problem showing your feelings in front of others. An open approach to one's own emotions shows emotional strength and self-confidence. So it is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of your empathy when one or two tears flow in emotional situations or, for example, during a sad film.

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You compromise

“I want it that way and not differently - and if it doesn't work that way, then it just doesn't work at all…” Whoever wants to push his head through the wall usually only comes right up to the wall and then has a headache. On the other hand, if you can compromise, move a little away from your own point of view and see the win-win situation that brings everyone involved forward, that makes you extraordinary in comparison to all those who only think about their own benefit and cannot manage themselves even to hire at the back once.

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You challenge yourself to make mistakes

They understand that there is nothing wrong with making a mistake or even failing with a project. Setbacks are a part of life, which is why you have no problem with suffering them if you are fundamentally convinced that you are on the right track. Where others stand still for fear of making mistakes, go ahead and learn from the experiences you have in the process.

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You take responsibility

It really isn't a big deal to take responsibility for success and good performance. Everyone likes to reap the laurels, be praised and listen to how well they have done something. When it comes to criticism, things look different: if something goes wrong, it wasn't. But you're not like that. You take responsibility and recognize when your actions or one of your decisions have led to a problem. You are not only responsible for this, but you also do everything to get this out of the world. Out of the ordinary!

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You can just listen

For many people it is only about speaking for themselves, expressing their own opinion or being in the foreground. It makes you all the more special when you can take yourself back, let others pay attention and just listen. Of course, you don't switch off, but listen actively, ask questions and learn more about the personality and attitudes of the person you are speaking to. Only when the time is right do you explain your point of view.

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You don't take your frustration out on others

In some situations everyone is gripped by frustration or anger and needs a valve to vent the pent-up emotions. How you deal with this frustration makes a big difference. Venting your anger on your closest colleague, friend, or family member may be easy, but what makes you extraordinary that you are not doing just that. You also understand how your counterpart feels in this situation and look for a more meaningful way to compensate for your frustration in sports or meditation.

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You also make difficult decisions

Ideally, all alternatives are desirable, you can't go wrong with your choice and it is not really difficult to decide between A, B and C. However, the reality is different and difficult decisions have to be made regularly, in which priorities have to be set that may hurt others or lead to problems. A popular strategy is to shy away from it, just wait and hope for the best. Being able to make difficult decisions is therefore an extraordinary quality that few people possess.

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They help without expecting anything in return

Relationships and contacts are often mutual. All the more it distinguishes you as a special person that you do not always expect something in return for your help. Others may not always understand this attitude, but you enjoy helping others. You can make good use of this positive quality at work, with friends and as a volunteer.

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You are honest - also with yourself

Everyone has probably used one or the other white lie and that's not a problem either. For many, however, lying is almost part of their philosophy of life and when an advantage is in sight, the truth is no longer taken seriously. Honesty cannot be valued enough precisely because it is becoming increasingly rare. This applies not only to others, but also to oneself, since humans are a true master at fooling themselves and twisting the facts so that it fits better into their own worldview.

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You pursue your goals conscientiously

You know where you want to go and you also know which steps are necessary to take this path. That alone already sets you apart. What makes you really extraordinary, however, is the fact that you plan your project and also implement it. In doing so, you do not lose sight of the risks or the opportunities that you encounter during the implementation.

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You have courage when it counts

Talking is easy. Everyone can tell what they want to create, achieve and build up. A big goal here, then incidentally taking one or the other risk that pays off one hundred percent. And most of the time it stays with talking - nothing is realized, because that requires courage, which only a few have. If you follow your words with deeds, this inner will and willingness to act despite a risk is what makes you extraordinary.

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You focus on the positive things

Even a negative environment cannot bring you down and you always have a smile on your face. You are characterized by this rock-solid optimism and belief in the good in people. Don't let yourself be infected even by a notorious nonsense, but keep a positive outlook. This does not mean that you do not notice any potential for improvement. But you don't let a mistake spoil your mood.

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They take time to reflect

There is stress, hectic pace and lack of time around you, but you do not allow yourself to be influenced by them. Instead, take a moment to reflect on the current situation. Even if your colleagues don't always understand, this is how you will find the best solutions. By constantly questioning the status quo, you not only ensure progress, but also discover unused opportunities.

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You love each other for who you are

Nobody is always 100 percent satisfied with themselves or feels perfect. That goes for you too. Even so, you love yourself for who you are. You do not blame yourself if something does not go the way you imagined, but are proud of what you have achieved. Self-pity is also alien to you. You get up again, adapt to the new situation and do your best again. A strong indication that you are exceptional.

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