What are the top math programs for students

Math app: 3 best free apps for geometry, algebra and co.

Math is one of the unpopular school subjects. Even if many students struggle with geometry, stochastics or mental arithmetic, it doesn't have to stay that way. An educational math app helps not only to master word problems, but also to develop fun with arithmetic. We have found the three best free math apps for Android and iOS for you.

Mathematics is the bad boy among school subjects: pupils and students cram for hardly any other subject as much as for math. And if it doesn't work out despite practice with percentages, the rule of three, taking root or deductions, parents or tutors often jumped in in the past. Today, a smartphone and the right math app are all you need to improve your math performance and learn the basics in a playful way. We therefore looked around the app stores and selected the three best free math applications for Android and iOS.

Photomath - the pragmatic one

Photomath is one of the oldest and most popular math apps in the stores. Originally developed only for iOS users, it now also helps schoolchildren and students with Android smartphones to solve demanding math tasks. From fractions, powers, roots and factors to linear equations, logarithms and functions to derivatives, integrals or faculties - Photomath solves math problems in no time and shows you the solution with step-by-step instructions. The application is visually modern, clear and user-friendly and is aimed at math professionals as well as laypeople who want to improve their math knowledge or check homework.

Did you Photomath once installed, the application asks you to register via email, Google account or Facebook. Then, if necessary, push notifications that remind you of homework, for example, must be allowed or the camera function activated. You should definitely do the latter, because that's the highlight of Photomath. The principle of the math app is simply explained: scan a math task from the textbook, exercise book or from the blackboard via smartphone camera and the application will spit out the solution for you. In the next step you have the opportunity to have the individual calculation methods and solution steps displayed and explained to you. Math has never been so easy.

  • Scan function
  • clear
  • visually appealing

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Math app for studies & Abitur - The versatile one

The Math app for studies and high school graduation is the practice app of your choice if you are preparing for math exams. The application prepares numerous tasks from various math disciplines in a user-friendly and clear manner and supports you in finding the right solution. The user interface doesn't look as modern as it does with Photomath, yet this free math app does its job perfectly and doesn't even require registration. Simply download, install and start doing the exercises right away

When you open the application, you have the choice between Sample tasks, Analysis I and II, Basics of study, Linear Algebra, statistics, Stochastics and economy. Each category is also sorted by topic. Do you choose for example Analysis you will find a list of tasks in the menu - starting with Functions above amounts up to Differential calculus and much more. The type of exercise can also be determined. You decide for yourself whether you solve text, arithmetic or theoretical problems. The app will help you with this Tips or tells you the right solution and the associated calculation steps. You can find on top under the heading Notepad Rules, instructions and explanations for individual areas of mathematics.

  • lots of practice exercises
  • user-friendly
  • optically old-fashioned
  • no help with homework

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Lucky Logic - The playful one

In the age of the smartphone, mental arithmetic has become a minor matter and therefore difficult for many people. The free app Lucky Logic wants to change that and helps to get the gray cells going again. As with a bubble shooter, you shoot digits from the bottom of the screen to the numbers above. As soon as two digits touch, they add or subtract. Which type of calculation is used depends on a setting that you make before each throw. The bottom line never goes below zero and never goes higher than nine. As soon as two digits do not match, they stay under each other until the next number approaches them.

It is a shame at Lucky Logic that the results never get higher than nine and that there are only a few possible combinations. In particular, the number nine is difficult to remove from the playing field and can rarely be placed well when it is to be shot up as a number. Nevertheless, Lucky Logic is a nice mini-game for in between to do a bit of brain jogging and do mental arithmetic. The app is entertaining and slowing down due to the fact that there is no goal the player is working towards. As long as the board is not full, there are always new arithmetic problems.

  • entertaining
  • clear
  • Learning effect
  • Only trains arithmetic from 1 to 9
  • Sometimes confusing when you have to switch between "plus" and "minus"

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Conclusion - our test result

All three tested math apps are among the best learning aids in their category. With Photomath You can solve the most complicated math challenges in just two steps. Therefore, the application is particularly suitable as homework or university support: scan the task and immediately receive the solution and calculation steps. Short and painless. If you want to delve deeper into the subject and practice diligently and in a variety of ways, it's best to do it Math app for studies and high school graduation in front. The application is the ideal companion for exam situations. From school work to high school graduation to the exam - The Math app prepares you purposefully. If it is about setting the right course at a young age and introducing students to mathematical basics and basic computer types in a relaxed and entertaining way or simply getting their own gray matter going, then this is Lucky Logic Your choice.