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Dating Queen on free TV: 114 minutes of excruciating boredom

Amy (Amy Schumer) is well valued as a journalist - but as an experienced ripper, she is a few numbers better. And sports doctor Aaron Connors (Bill Hader) makes the ideal sacrifice for it. After a long evening partying, she holds the taxi door open for him. "Oh, do you have to go downtown too?" He asks innocently. As she sits next to him, she whispers to him: "You only need to give the driver your address." Now it is delicious to watch how a landscape of astonishment spreads out on the slightly angular, often somewhat brooding face of the doctor. You can see the proverbial penny drop. Here you should definitely laugh at "Dating Queen". Because beforehand there is little opportunity to do so and afterwards there is hardly any more. RTL is now showing the comedy as a free TV premiere.

Comedy • June 24th, 2018 • 8:15 pm

"Monogamy is unrealistic" - this credo of her maritally failed father (Colin Quinn) has internalized the strong blonde Amy and lives by it. Love is excluded for her, with every guy she breaks up after one night - except for a muscle man who means little to her. Until, in her capacity as editor of the men's magazine "Snuff", she is supposed to write a portrait of the orthopedic surgeon and surgeon Aaron Connors, who heals the knee joints of expensive athletes and, as a doctor without borders, does good in distant lands. He's so nice, humble, and open-hearted that Amy becomes very weak. Did she wrongly despise her sister Kim (Brie Larson) for being a member of a narrow-minded nuclear family? Will she have children and a husband again?

Is Monogamy Unrealistic? This can be an excellent question for an eloquent romantic comedy of play on words, hints and pointed duels about fears of attachment. Especially when the thematic long-running one-night stand is added, with all the corresponding physical entanglements. But if Amy's mouth isn't producing sloppiness and profanity, the script is startlingly bland. In order to avoid the prudish parody of male and female sexual behavior from getting on the nerves, the film soon tries to blame Amy's fear of pairing up with alcohol and smoking weed. Nevertheless, the 114 minutes turned into excruciating boredom.

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Above the title, the poster of "Dating Queen" indicates that Judd Apatow, who is also directing here, has already produced "Bridal Alarm". The comparison shows exactly what is wrong with "Dating Queen": "Bridal Alert" tells of a woman who loses everything shortly before her best friend's wedding - job, partner, apartment, friends. Her desperate humor is combined with the satirical view of the director and screenplay on female rivalry to create a grandiose cat comedy. "Dating Queen" fails with a much more comedic mix of themes because the characters don't have a problem that needs to be laughed away. At least you don't believe them. If the last half an hour strings together cheesy moments of reconciliation between supposedly quarreling people, there is just as little reason for it as there is for the penetrating and amateur guest star presence of basketball legends like Lebron James as Dr. Connor's patient. In view of the mostly lethargic leading actors, only Tilda Swinton's appearance is worth seeing, as Amy's sadistic boss she convinces with her art of transformation.

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