How do ATMs withdraw money 1

Forget Money in the ATM - What You Can Do.

Has it ever happened to you that you forgot your money in the ATM? No? Then be glad that you always thought of taking the money from the machine. However, if it does happen in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the money doesn't have to be gone forever.

Forgot money: what to do

Your money is not necessarily lost if you accidentally forget it at the ATM. The latter logs every payout and withdraws the money after 20 to 30 seconds if you do not remove it in time. Normally the bank will check the cash in the machine against a list and will be able to credit you back if the worst comes to the worst.

Not all banks are trustworthy

However, not all banks book the amount back if you have forgotten money. The ZDF did the test and had debits at the ATMs of various banks withdrawn after 30 seconds. While Deutsche Bank and Berliner Volksbank automatically returned the amount, Commerzbank, Postbank and Berliner Sparkasse did nothing and only remitted it after a complaint. In the opinion of consumer advocates, this is unreasonable: "We urge the banks, of course, to transfer these amounts themselves, because consumers cannot be expected to leave it to chance whether they get their money back or not," said the consumer advocate Christian Pauli from the Federal Association of Consumer Organizations in a ZDF documentary. (GEZ 2013: The fees for the new radio license fee)

Request remittance

As soon as you notice that you have forgotten money at the ATM, you should make a note of the time and place so that you can give as precise information as possible later. So request a remittance if the bank remains inactive. But even then you may have to prove that you forgot the money and that the machine recovered it. A video recording of the bank could help here, or witnesses who were present at the time. (Easycash: How does the payment system work?)

When the next customer steals

And if you've forgotten your money and the next customer has taken it from the machine, that doesn't have to mean a loss either. For example, video surveillance could also come to your aid here, because every ATM is usually monitored. If the next customer takes the forgotten money, it is also about theft. And then you should not only notify the bank, but also notify the police.

Due to the data storage, the bank can still determine who was at the machine after you. If this person withdraws money himself after the illegal withdrawal, it is not a problem for the bank to determine the identity. However, the bank is not obliged to help clarify the case. (Pay cash on delivery: advantages and disadvantages)