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HIP-HOP: Rapper Tinguely dä Chnächt: Yesterday ironic, today melancholy

HIP-HOP: Rapper Tinguely dä Chnächt: Yesterday ironic, today melancholy

The Zurich rapper Tinguely dä Chnächt (41) is considered equally talented and difficult. Now he has finally released his third solo album “Calvados”.

There won't be a nicer declaration of love in a Swiss rap song this year than Tinguely dä Chnacht in «Einä». He describes himself staggering and disoriented in nightlife, caught between breaking and vomiting and generally close to breaking. The good thing about it: You can hear a look back at the past. And then it comes, the declaration of love: «Dezwüschä liet einä, a unique monk. Dezwüschä liesch du », Tinguely raps about the person who led him out of this rut ​​of going out and unregulated work.

And if you have stumbled through Zurich's Langstrasse much too late in recent years, you may have actually stumbled upon Tinguely da Chnacht. With his distinctive beard and grumpy voice, he was somehow part of the city's inventory. Also because he's a great rapper, of course. As a solo artist or with the formations SLM52 and Temple of Speed ​​(there will probably be something new soon), he released important records - unfortunately, he was far too rarely seen on stage. Tinguely is about as talented as it is difficult.

An impressive force

Probably thanks in part to this “one” person, “Calvados” has now appeared. Named after the bar Tinguely lived above - which is rarely a good omen for a healthy lifestyle. The view of the world has grown darker. In the introductory song he talks about gentrification in his neighborhood. «There is no stripper, there are no dancers. There is a hip club no more, a leisurely twosome for a rod. " Tinguely has rapped that before. 2012 in the great «Züri» (together with Skor and E.K.R). Back then it sounded lively ironic, today the pace is slowed down and the lines seem melancholy.

And it is precisely in such moments that the record develops an impressive power. Where the facade of the wordplay falls and you can feel the people. Then “Calvados” can even get really sad. The sparingly arranged soundscape by producer Chocolococolo contributes to this intense atmosphere.

«Material for everything»

But Tinguely can also do other things: In “Backstage und WC” he does a lot of accounting for the drug-infested (Zurich) nightlife. It is plucked, sniffed and also drunk until one is "drunk for everything". At the end a guitar riff drifts into nowhere. It's so full of puns that it requires a certain basic sobriety to understand everything. At the same time, the song develops a pull that will probably be danced to even in cocoa-filled clubs.

Anyway: Tinguely's lyrics are still full of ironic moments, there is also room for a bit of pubescent joke and a good portion of joke. The 41-year-old may have left his wild times behind - his way of life has now become a little more steady, but he has not lost the joy of being a child. Much more important, however, is his gift as a precise observer and how he casts his experiences in verse. You can hear the spoken word again and again, who likes to play with the sound and the ambiguity of words and has an excellent flow.

“And de Chäller sweats no Lüt vo dunde vure, drips Lüt is light with a big eye and sun roar,” he raps in “Häsch scho”, which for his circumstances is almost pop. In quick succession he talks about stages in life, and the question always remains: «Häsch scho? Bish scho? Wotsch no? "

The constant fear of missing something if you leave something out. That is also Tinguely. Even if he seems to be casually above things, he is probably a driven man who quarrels with himself often enough. He also insults a jogger who is stretching himself with a thermos bottle in hand, as "so shitty disciplined". Anyone who says something like this is, in fact, primarily criticizing their own lack of discipline.

Ten small headlights

«Calvados» is a strong record, not everything is consistently great, but it is often at least very good. The ten songs are like little spotlights on parts of Tinguely's life (or at least from his haze). The exciting moments are when the darker corners are illuminated. When «Bänkli» is about dying or «Dihäi» is about the past and its effects on today.

And of course the “Einä” mentioned at the beginning. This slow groover is a moving piece of Swiss music. And a very comforting one. It doesn't take much to come back up after the blackest moments.

Sometimes a single person is enough.

Michael Graber


Tinguely dä Chnächt: Calvados (Bakara / Godbrain)