Shadow Fight 3 is a multiplayer game

Shadow Fight 2

Over 40 million players worldwide are enthusiastic about the exciting mix of role play and classic martial arts combat. Shadow Fight 2 is the sequel to the popular Facebook blockbuster and will cast its spell over you too!

Shadow Fight 2 for your smartphone

The game convinces as an elaborate RPG with gripping battle scenes and lets your character wield countless deadly weapons. The multitude of lifelike martial arts techniques is a real experience, especially for martial arts fans. Destroy your enemies, fight demons and close the Gate of Shadows. Do you have what it takes to intimidate your opponent with the right kicks, punches and jumps in order to win? There's only one way to find out: click through the huge range of and play Shadow Fight 2 for free today!


The game starts with a monologue by the main character of the game, called Shadow. Shadow was once a powerful fighter who, through his arrogance, disregarded the rules of his ancestors and opened the gate of shadows. He quickly realized that this decision turned out to be a big mistake, but for Shadow any help came too late. Body and soul were lost and he became a mere shadow of his former self. Shadow now has to defeat demons in numerous battles and try to close the gate of the shadows again.


The game is divided into different acts. In each act, challengers appear on the field who must be defeated. If you manage to emerge victorious from an exciting duel, the player receives the opponent's weapon and can use it in further battles.


The range of equipment at Shadow Fight 2 is extensive and offers the right tool for every type of player. Whether weapon, armor, helmet or magic - in Shadow Fight 2 the player has to be prepared for anything and find his way in an emergency. It should be noted that the ranged weapons can only be used after defeating Lynx and the magical powers can be used after a successful fight with Hermit.



Goal of the game

In Shadow Fight 2 you have to fight your way up from level to level. It is helpful to bring the combat technique and the use of weapons to perfection as quickly as possible. The main game of this online game is to defeat the boss. On the way there you have to defeat the dangerous bodyguards first in order to be able to challenge the boss.

Mouse and keyboard control

Shadow Fight 2 is a typical mobile game and can be played excellently on your Android phone, iPhone or tablet. At home on your PC you don't have to do without the challenging fights with brutal opponents. You can also download Shadow Fight 2 on your PC and use your mouse and keyboard to improve your martial arts techniques. Using the BlueStacks app for Windows and Macintosh computers, downloading the game is not rocket science and you will soon be able to control your character with your mouse and keyboard and experience a new gaming experience.

For PC, Android & iPhone

No matter which device you want to use to play Shadow Fight 2, this online game can be played on mobile devices as well as on the PC. Do you want to constantly work on your martial arts technique in order to have the better cards in a duel? Then download Shadow Fight 2 to your smartphone and let your character fight enemy characters on the go. If you don't want to do without great graphics and ease of use with mouse and keyboard, then download the Shadow Fight 2 to your computer and play on your home PC until the gate of shadows closes again.

Play Shadow Fight 2 online for free

Are you a fan of action games and love to put your martial arts to the test in rousing duels? Then Shadow Fight is the right online game for you. At you can not only play Shadow Fight 2 for free, but also numerous other action games, shooting games and war games. Now click through our offer and start playing for free!


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