Can I get pregnant without having sex

Pregnant through the "pleasure droplet"?

Question: I sleep with my girlfriend regularly - without using contraception. I simply pull my member out of her vagina in good time before I "come". Her menstruation is now overdue for a week. Can my girlfriend get pregnant from "joy sperm" or how high is the risk of unprotected intercourse without effusion?

answer: It is very unlikely that a woman will become pregnant from the so-called "pleasure droplet".

However, this cannot be completely ruled out because the liquid - which has nothing to do with the ejaculate itself - may already contain one or the other sperm. The pleasure droplet is formed in the initial phases of arousal. It is a clear secretion that is formed in the Cowpers' glands, which are located in the area of ​​the prostate.

The fact is, however, that a single sperm is enough to fertilize an egg.

Since coitus interruptus is not really a satisfactory solution in the long run, it is certainly advisable to think about a suitable contraceptive.

How safe is coitus interruptus?

Here's a little comparison with regard to safety: The Pearl Index for coitus interruptus is over 25. This means that out of 100 women who use this method of contraception for a year, more than 25 will become pregnant. In comparison, the Pearl Index for the pill is 0.1-1 and for the condom 3-14.

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