What you want success or happiness

You don't want success - you want to be happy! 1

If you ask people if they are happy, many will say, "Yes, I am happy!" In a consciously firm voice. hurl towards you. By this happiness they mean happiness with three meals a day, with a secure job, a stable relationship, some leisure activities, a cozy apartment, a nice little family, a nice vacation trip a year, a nice party here and there, one nice glass of beer in the summer pedestrian zone and the nice family get-together at Christmas ... That's not the happiness I'm talking about in this book.
I am speaking of a happiness that completely captures your whole being and makes you invulnerable to any external event. I am not talking about the few snapshots of joy that you already call "happiness", but about a basic state of your life. The term bliss is more appropriate to this state than the worn word "happiness". I'm talking about something other than relative contentment, which most people out there consider to be the ultimate in happiness.
You cannot attain that deep happiness in this life if you have not addressed a question. Why are we in this world that is elemental and irradiates into all areas of your life. The question is: what is this life all about? Why are we on this earth? This is the question that very few people have asked themselves while they are busy developing goals within the framework of the set conventions, which I hope will not disappoint anyone. From the answer to the question "What is this all about?" but everything else derives from it. This book also addresses that question, because only then can you go further than you ever have gone, only if you can use this basis as the basis for everything you do on this earth You will experience this profound happiness. If you are only striving for "three-meal happiness" then this book is not written for you and you can put it down again with confidence.

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