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The term tracking comes from English and means shipment tracking. Tracing or trace are often used for this and ensure that a shipment can be traced back. The tracing or trace is the consignment history and allows a view of the stations passed through each consignment as well as arrivals at the various transshipment points that allow consignments and parcels to be tracked.

To track shipments and parcels, the courier company FedEx uses a special system with which the delivery status of a shipment can be monitored and called up. This extends over a period of time that begins with the receipt of the shipment and ends with the delivery of the shipment. This can include both freight shipments such as parcel tracking and registered mail.

In other words: the shipment tracking makes it possible to determine where the shipments were at what point in time or where they are at that moment. The control of the shipment status with the shipment tracking gives FedEx, the sender and the addressee the certainty that a shipment is on the right track.

Will my FedEx package be delivered today?

Your FedEx package will likely be shipped the same day if the following tracking status is displayed:

  • FedEx: In local FedEx station.
  • FedEx: Shipment ready for approval.

How does FedEx tracking work

For tracking consignments and parcels, FedEx collects the first order data as soon as a consignment is accepted by the sender, which covers the handover or acceptance time and the handover location. This is done electronically and sent to the FedEx logistics center. The order data for tracking consignments and parcels is saved here and can be edited at any time or expanded through the next steps. Every letter and every parcel is provided with a barcode, which enables the shipment to be identified within the scope of shipment tracking at any time on the transport route.

The order data for tracking shipments and parcels is transmitted using a cellular standard via Global System for Mobile Communications, or GMS for short. When the data arrives at the FedEx logistics center, a “proof of collection” takes place, which is a proof of collection and, depending on the service class, is forwarded to the recipient in real time. A confirmation of receipt of the consignment is deposited with the sender at the same time. A tracking number for tracking consignments and parcels is assigned to the collection certificate, which is unique and is provided in connection with the first order data as well as services, type of dispatch and recipient data.

This is where shipment and parcel tracking begins for the sender and recipient, as well as for FedEx. As soon as the FedEx shipment reaches a new processing level or arrives at a new location, it is scanned for shipment tracking and parcel tracking. Using this scan, the place, time and, if necessary, the processing status for shipment and parcel tracking are automatically added electronically. Typical status comments can be “received at the distribution center”, “being prepared for transport to Frankfurt airport” or “collection for transport to Frankfurt airport expected around 4:00 p.m.”.

The shipment tracking and parcel tracking only ends when the shipment is handed over to the recipient's address or, in the case of registered mail, to the personal delivery of the shipment to the addressee. In the last instance in the service for shipment and parcel tracking, the delivery data is again transmitted to the FedEx logistics center via GMS, the shipment is classified as completed and the shipment tracking and parcel tracking are ended.

If the recipient cannot be found and the shipment cannot be delivered, this is also recorded electronically with the supplier identification and the time for tracking the shipment and parcel. FedEx typically makes up to three delivery attempts if a shipment cannot be handed over. The shipment must then be picked up at one of the FedEx branches in the immediate vicinity. Of course, this is also documented down to the smallest detail and the current location of the shipment can be found out via the shipment and parcel tracking.

This documentation for tracking the shipment and parcel can be viewed by anyone who has the tracking number for the shipment. The transfer data is automatically transferred in real time to the FedEx system for tracking and tracing parcels. The service is free.

FedEx offers several online tracking options. If you miss a shipment, want to know where it is or, as a sender, want to have the arrival of a shipment confirmed, you can use the standard version to enter the 12-digit tracking number on the FedEx website and then click on "shipment tracking" . Registration for exception and delivery notifications can also be made here.

Via email at [email protected], is another option. Here, too, the tracking number must be specified for the shipment and parcel tracking. A reply email is usually sent from FedEx in a few minutes. This is a way of finding the location of a shipment if a shipment or parcel tracking via the website should not work. If you choose the FedEx InSight® service, you can have a shipment tracked even without a tracking number. In addition, automatic shipment notifications can be selected, with which all current shipments are monitored.

FedEx Ship Manager (TM) from FedEx provides insight into the shipment history. Simply select a shipment and track a shipment or a package. FedEx offers a mobile app that customers can use to track a shipment or package online on any smartphone with internet access. The service is free of charge and offers FedEx customers more flexibility in everyday life and when tracking shipments and parcels.

Benefits of FedEx shipment tracking

For the sender and the addressee, shipment tracking means that they can always find out where the shipment is until the shipment arrives at its destination. However, shipment tracking is also of great value for FedEx, because it clarifies the internal company structures and reveals possible areas for improvement. Shipping operations can be monitored more optimally and night research orders for shipment tracking or parcel tracking are easier and faster to do and thefts or the loss of shipments can be more easily uncovered.

The detailed shipment tracking enables FedEx in particular to observe the time management and to optimize it if necessary in the event of unnecessary time delays. This principle, known as the “Proof of Transfer”, is applied to all FedEx shipments for tracking purposes.

If the planned transfer is interrupted or takes longer than anticipated, the electronic system reports a malfunction. This is to prevent forgotten programs from being noticed and the planned time grid from being unnecessarily shifted further back. Each scanner records the target and actual data for extended control. In this way, delays can be recognized just as quickly as the delivery route of deliveries to the wrong delivery location or processing point can be corrected. Incorrect forwarding of the consignments is noticed in the shortest possible time and quickly redirected to the correct route.

If the parcel tracking should not work, our support or the support of the respective parcel service will help you.