Dissolves BTS when Jin logs in

Jin from BTS doesn't have to go to the military!


Band break? ARMY cares about BTS members

For a long time it looked like there was no hope left for BTS member Jin. For months, the ARMY has been worried about their idol, because they feared that the singer would have to do his almost two years of military service. A duty that men between the ages of 18 and 28 must perform in South Korea, and after BTS announced a two-month tour break in August, fans feared that this break could be extended. But now for the first time the all-clear ...


BTS: Jin doesn't have to go to the military yet!

We had to wait a long time, but finally there is the first statement from the BTS label Big Hit Entertainment: None of the members will be drafted for compulsory military service this year. "We don't know where those rumors came from that someone was going to die this year military According to a source, fears about Jin's exit arose from politician Ahn Min Suk, who said that there was no special treatment for artists of pop culture when it came to conscription.


BTS: Band break possible anyway

The all-clear from the label only refers to this year! So fans should be prepared for changes in the K-pop band next year. Jin is the oldest BTS member and has to report to the military by June 2020. Depending on which activity he chooses, his return to the band could take a year or more. However, it is very likely that BTS will choose to go ahead and rotate members as they go into conscription one at a time. However, we are sure that the ARMY will get through this time together.

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