Is Lobo the inspiration for Deadpool

"Lobo" back on track! "Wonder Woman" author takes over

Seeing Batman and Superman fighting and the Justice League forming is nice. DC-Comic fans who like it the harder way are eagerly waiting for you Lobo-Movie. There was once the ideaDwayne Johnson to let play the intergalactic mercenary / bounty hunter and indestructible antihero who heats through the universe on his space motorcycle. Brad Peyton (San Andreas), Johnson's favorite director, was supposed to stand by the camera and had already signed it.

Unfortunately, however, the project seemed to fizzle out, both The Rock and Peyton oriented themselves otherwise. You are planning now Rampage andSan Andreas 2 as next common films while from Lobo for a long time nothing could be heard. Til today! Suddenly you have it Warner bros. and DC Comics changed my mind and resumed development. In doing so, they trust theirs Wonder Woman- Screenwriter Jason Fuchs (Pan), with whose work so far they are obviously very satisfied. He should start from scratch and for Lobo create a completely new script, report insiders.

Without Warner bros. to want to assume something: In terms of timing, the success of Deadpool, which has already risen to over $ 710 million worldwide, to decide Lobo to reanimate, have contributed a large part. Both characters are cool, uncompromising anti-heroes who achieved cult status in the 90s, and both like to break the fourth wall, and often, by speaking to the viewer or reader. And also Lobo will hardly work without an R rating.