What is the best attraction in Antarctica

Tourist Attractions

What are the real Antarctic sights? This region is not just made up of snow and a cluster of quivering penguins. The Antarctic continent may not get the same amount of attention as a city break in Europe or a sunny beach vacation, but there is a beauty inherent in this continent that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The highlights of an Antarctic trip cannot be compared with anything.

1. Spectacular icebergs

Most people have never seen an iceberg before. Well, at least not in person and not at close range! Antarctica can be called the home of the iceberg. By the way, these monsters of nature only stick their heads out of the water, because about 90% of their mass is below the surface of the water.

2. Icy fjords

Cruising through these elongated bulges formed by glaciers is a wonderful experience. The fjords are some of the most beautiful sights in Antarctica. You glide past huge cliffs, snow surfaces and eternal ice - while this characteristic silence lies in the air and the bow draws waves into the water. The gap between the grandeur of nature and the tiny human has never been so uneven.

3. Penguins

Simply everyone's favorite! And there are also several subspecies, depending on the season and location. The stately emperor penguins, the cute Adelie penguins, the easily recognizable chinstrap penguins, the striking golden crested penguins or the rockhopper penguins - bring your binoculars and get ready for your entry into the world of tailcoat wearers.

4. Whales

There are of course other places in the world where whales can be seen. In the Antarctic, however, depending on the season - preferably from November to March - you can immerse yourself in the otherwise distant world of the largest mammals on earth: the blue whale and the humpback whale. Their sheer size and grace in the water leaves a lasting impression on everyone who meets them.

5. Sea birds

For all the budding photographers, the Antarctic has a diverse fauna in store, especially birds. There are several well-known species that successfully defy the cold temperatures - from albatrosses, cormorants, petrels, seagulls to scissor beaks. The Antarctic continent is a bird lover's paradise.

6. Kayaking in the Southern Ocean

Hold on tight because we dare to go out on the water. And what still, glass-like water we have before us! There is a whole world hidden under your kayak, over which you glide with our tour guide. Just breathtaking. And who knows, maybe one or the other friendly visitor will accompany us.

7. Camping in Antarctica

After exciting excursions and a delicious dinner on board the ship, go ashore to spend the night in a tent! After you have helped set up camp, the nightly concert of sound of crashing waves, crunching glaciers and maybe even the fountains of a passing whale awaits you. A night in the ice of Antarctica is the ultimate camping experience! Anyone 12 years of age or older with a thirst for adventure and the willingness to focus on the essentials for one night can take part.

Our expedition team chooses a snow-covered plain with sufficient distance to the breeding animals for camping. Only a limited number of campers are allowed per expedition, so register now if you haven't already!

8. Photography

Whether it's the safety of the ship's deck, in a kayak or on land and ice, Antarctica offers everything when it comes to photography. There are sheets of ice that tumble from icebergs. There are nesting penguins on steep rocks. There are underwater monsters with huge heads sticking out of the water. And much, much more.

9. Fascinating sunsets

You are looking for sunsets in December and thus in midsummer (24 hours of sunlight). In the other months, the scenic setting is more suitable for sunsets than any other. The sky changes from black to shades of gray before blood-red color pours over the infinite white. Red turns into orange and yellow before the clear light shines through everything. Not from this world.

10. Visit to a research station

There are several abandoned and fully occupied stations in Antarctica. In fact, depending on the season, a population of around 1,000 to 4,000 people lives here, made up mainly of scientists, glaciologists, climatologists, meteorologists, astronomers, seismologists, medical researchers and biologists. But as everywhere, lawyers, pharmacists, mechanics, caretakers and cooks live here.

Discover the highlights of Antarctica

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