How to spin a golf ball

Equipment overview



Differentiation according to quality

Of course, subjective reasons also play a role in the qualitative evaluation of a golf ball. The following ranking is therefore certainly not the measure of all things, but perhaps a little guide for you:

1. Titleist Pro V1 / Pro V1x
2. Callaway HX Tour
3. Taylor Made TP Red / Black
4. Bridgestone Tour B 330
5. Srixon Z-URC / Z-URS
6. Nike One Black / Platinum
7. Strata Tour Ultimate +


Test manufacturing quality

There is a simple test to determine whether your own balls have been produced perfectly or whether they have a certain imbalance. Salt water of high concentration is poured into a bowl. The salt water ensures that the golf ball floats on the surface. If you turn the ball now, it comes to rest from this rotation at a certain point. Mark the ball at the highest point that looks out of the water. Now tap the ball again. If it comes to rest in the same place after a while, the ball must have a slight center of gravity on the opposite side. If the ball comes back into this position very quickly, the imbalance must be very large. Better to discard such a ball. In the event of a slight imbalance, you can even take advantage of this manufacturing inaccuracy. Simply draw a straight line through the point on the golf ball. If you now align the ball with this line while putting, the shifted center of gravity will now ensure that your ball stays better on track.

Measuring instrument

Golf ball measurement device

As we noted earlier, not all golf balls are created equal, and certainly not all equally good. Even with the best manufacturer, you have to reckon with balls that are neither round nor the correct size. However, you will almost never find a golf ball that is too small. On the other hand, some golf balls are so large that they will fly less far because of that fact. If you want to be on the safe side that you really only go onto the course with the best golf balls, you should measure yourself. Engtrade GmbH has now produced the right device for this.

With the unique GBMD (Golf Ball Measurement Device) you can do the following:

1. Checking the permissible minimum diameter
2. Actual diameter measurement
3. Measure / check roundness
4. Comparison of the golf balls in the bag
5. Apply the marking line in the middle

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