What does forged stainless steel mean

What is Damascus steel and why are the knives so expensive?

Ahand-forged knife made of Damascus steel toforge is next to oneDamask sword one of the most impressive craftsmanshipMasterpieces which one fromsteel can produce. ADamask knife uniteddifferent steels and therefore also differentSteel properties to a completely new alloy, which in thedamask perfect on theIntended use can be matched.

Unfortunately the term "Damascus steel"Nowadays by the industry often for comparatively inferior quality welded composite laminates misused by the specialDamask look to create. ThisDamask steel however, is produced in large rolling mills and has little to do with thereal Damascus steel to do. BothRolled laminates one finds a normal position in the cutting edgeBlade steel (oftenrustproof) that is just as good / badly suited for the editing tasks as aknife withoutStripes. To thisCutting position were more in the rolling millSteel layers applied to get a kind of "stripe wallpaper". However, this has no influence on theCut quality the middle oneCutting position, this oneLocations yes, they are also not present in the cutting position.

The better alternative forindustrial damask is used in so-called "Monster Packs " produced. Here is aDamask package of several hundred kg. heated under protective gas and then under a huge presswelded. After that it will be hugeDamask package Sawn into smaller pieces and machine-cutSheet metal formed around itMaking knives. This damask is called "Superclean" or "Ultraclean". The advantages are perfect welded joints and maximum purity and freedom from defects.

With this onedamask you have to keep in mind that theKnives and their uses always on the same thingmaterial fall back and it is not possible thatDamask hand-forged specifically to the wishes of the customer and the function of the knife. This procedure is roughly comparable to itto offer a hand-sewn suit from the tailor only in one size. If it fits, it's a bargain, but if it doesn't, you just have to have one made for you.

It is also questionable that one often cannot be sure how good the quality of the steel used was from the starting material. For this reason, we recommend paying close attention to where the damask comes from and who made it!

In our shop you will find an excellent "ultraclean damask" 100% made in Germany. The quality of this material is beyond any doubt.

There are HUGE differences in qualityeven if it looks similar!

A damask knife is only worth its price if all 5 criteria are met.
1. The Steels in damask should be in their Adding properties and matching the application. Especially with inexpensive damask steels from abroad, whole brazenly lied, because some steels are often issued as high-quality components such as 1095 or 15N20. You can see the result here in a YouTube video from us: https://youtu.be/xpiopTZRwyA
Our tip: stay away from cheap damask!
The arrangement the steels in damascus steel and that Mixing ratio should be chosen according to requirements. Also the Number of layers should be at least 150 layers. We recommend 50-100 layers per mm of material thickness
3. The Steel structure must go through a precise heat treatment can be optimally adjusted. In the manufacture of Damascus steel, the steel is heated to over 1,200 ° C. As a result, the steel structure suffers enormously and the steel becomes coarse-grained and brittle. Only if the structural condition professionally corrected and refined again the later knife will be too long sharp stay and give you pleasure. Buying damask is a matter of trust in the capabilities of the manufacturer. Otherwise, buy the Pig in a poke.
4. Little ones Weld defects in Damascus steel can occur, but these should be very small and, at best, barely visible. No way are allowed to make big mistakes with the Welding machine repaired because these areas will not become hard later. Watch out for large spots that break the pattern. You will be amazed how often you see something like this.
5. The Hardening and tempering from the finished blade should by an experienced damask smith be performed. You can only do it if you know the material exactly optimal results achieve. Contract hardening shops are often not able to Hardening blade as a single piece and do not unleash the performance that lies dormant in good Damascus steel.

A really hand-forged knife made of Damascus steel ...

(So ​​aUnique) unfortunately does not differ in the name from industrial products, since the termsDamascus knife, Damascus steel, Damascus, Damascus Steel, Damascus steel, Damascus knife, Damascus, etc. are not protected and everyone can interpret them as he thinks.

For us at Schmiedeglut, that meansManufacture of a hand-forged damask knife, that it really isforged by hand has been. It means in the making of thatDamascus steel several hours of workfor which a lotExpertise is required...Sore muscles and sweaty work clothes in the evening ... a lotAttention to detail and a servingcreativity aroundevery knife is unique close. At ourKnives let's access thethe best possible raw materials andselected blade steels back, combine these into oneoptimal alloy andforge from it oneunique blade in theeach knife is unique is. We combine these afterwardsindividual customer requirements Withexquisite handle materials to aexcellent knife. AllSchmiedeglut knives combine tough function, facts and quality with artistic combination options to create your individual dream knife.