Who was the most controversial philosopher of all time

Thomas Collmer   Nietzsche's experimental philosophy

Paperback, 312 pages.

ISBN 978-3-936271-64-5
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Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900) is one of the most powerful but also most controversial philosophers of all time; Thinkers, artists and demagogues of the most varied stripes have appealed to him. This haunting book is aimed at readers who hardly know Nietzsche as well as experts, without covering up the problematic aspects of this "experimental philosophy" (Nietzsche on Nietzsche).

There are three main focuses: The first part deals with language issues and language criticism, a very productive topic; Nietzsche's observation that “a philosophical mythology is hidden in language” is interesting, as is the subject of silence. The second part turns to the key words body, soul, spirit and reason. Nietzsche was a pioneer in the study of the unconscious and one finds the term "sublimation" with him. He brought the body neglected by the philosophical tradition into the foreground, which shows its own reason. But Nietzsche's racism is not left out either. A long excursus deals with Nietzsche's thinking and the tragic trait of his life against the background of the instinct theory of the late Freud, which Nietzsche decisively prepared. Finally, the third part examines Nietzsche's significance for a theory of dialectics. Since the subject of dialectics has been a research focus of the author for many years, he has a lot to say about this. Among other things, he deals with Gilles Deleuze.

Thomas Collmer (born 1956) has written books on G. W. F. Hegel, Edgar Allan Poe and William S. Burroughs as well as a standard work on song lyricism and the poems of Jim Morrison.