Programming is addicting to a teenager

Teenager programs tool for quick vaccination appointment search: wanted to help grandpa

The 17-year-old Julian Ambrozy was annoyed by endless click orgies when looking for vaccination appointments for his grandfather. During the holidays, he programmed a simple tool that immediately displays free appointments - and can be used by everyone.

Arranging a vaccination appointment for a corona vaccination online can - depending on the federal state - be a real test of patience. In some countries there is the official website But it is anything but user-friendly. It is not uncommon for relatives to spend days and nights in front of the computer to secure an appointment for their fathers and mothers, grandmas and grandpas in the vaccination service. Because the system is not simple, and it is certainly not convenient.

The 17-year-old Julian Ambrozy from Ostfildern, a small town near Stuttgart, also had to experience this: Together with his mother, they tried in vain for days to find a vacant vaccination appointment for his grandfather. You during the day, he at night, reports Julian.

Frustrated, the student looked for alternative options. He came across the vaccination appointment monitor from the freelance programmer Joshua Jung. But it was now out of order because the software interface required for it could no longer be used. You can read more about the background to the end of the vaccination appointment monitor here.

The student programmed the tool himself during the holidays

But Julian Ambrozy did not want to be satisfied with that. "And then I just tried to do it myself," he reports in a phone call with t-online. He could already program. The project cost him at least 30 hours of work during the autumn break, but then the first version of impfterminü was ready. Since then, another 10 to 20 hours have gone into further maintenance and improvement.

Since the software interface, via which other projects had previously obtained the necessary information, is still no longer accessible, his program must now query the information directly from each individual portal. But it works: Citizens from Baden-Württemberg, Saxony-Anhalt, Hamburg or Brandenburg can see at a glance which vaccination center and when an appointment is still available. Another click takes you directly to the reservation of the appointment in the respective vaccination center.

Is dependent on donations

The student does not earn any money with his project - on the contrary: he bears the costs for the server and website himself. However, there is a possibility for visitors to make a small donation on his portal. At least so far, this has also been enough to cover the costs.

Why, of all people, a student is needed who makes the vaccination appointment service easy to use, doesn't really make it clear to him: "It would of course be easiest if the vaccination appointment service were more convenient from the start. But you will probably have your reasons there for not doing that . "

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