How can I rate a hotel

Hotel reviews take away the fear of a failed trip for many vacationers. Most of them find out about the cleanliness, the service and the location of the hotel on various hotel review portals. How is the food? What can I expect in my room and how far is it to the beach or to the center? Questions about questions that are often not answered in the short, mostly positive hotel descriptions of the various tour operators. Which pages you can find these hotel reviews from or where you can submit which yourself, how they work and how serious they actually are, you can find out right here.

Worth knowing about hotel reviews

Hotel reviews on Tripadvisor & Co.

Many holidaymakers are familiar with the problem: You can see a great holiday offer, the holiday destination fits perfectly and even the travel period and the price are right. The one crucial question that often arises is: what about the hotel? After all, 4 stars is not always the same as 4 stars. The first of you will quickly start entering the hotel name in a search engine in order to find out as much as possible about the reputation of the hotel. As soon as you enter the hotel name, the hotel's own website usually appears first, followed by the first Booking and hotel review portals, including or

Those of you who regularly hang around on my blog will have probably noticed that I always link one of the first two websites in my deals whenever possible. And there is the following reason: Before you book a holiday bargain, you should be informed about where it will send you and what previous visitors have said about this hotel. However, one should take into account that the ratings are always subjective, but more on that in a moment.

Your opinion counts - this is how hotel reviews work

First, let's take the hotel reviews, one of the world's largest travel websites, which among other things enables you to plan and book the perfect trip based on authentic recommendations from millions of travelers. Using the search mask, you can first choose your holiday location and then the desired accommodation, for which you can often see several hundred, if not even a thousand, reviews. With the green button "Write a review" you can finally submit your own, detailed review and rate individual aspects on a scale from 1 to 5. Here, too, the rating is sent quickly and easily and a great help to other travelers. By the way, the image function on both sides is particularly praiseworthy, with which visitors can upload their own hotel photos, which often give hotel seekers a first impression of the hotel.

Another website where you can see reviews of different hotels is, for example, the popular and largest hotel search website in the world The difference to the other two portals, however, is that you cannot submit your own rating directly via the site, as the hotel reviews are based on the trivago rating index (tRI ™). In short, this means that available reviews from different sources on the Internet are collected and combined with the help of an algorithm. In addition to the largest portals tripadvisor and trivago, there are also providers such, where you can only submit your own hotel reviews when you have actually visited one of the hotels, checked out and a few days later an invitation to vote by email receive.

Seriousness of the hotel reviews

After reading through several hotel reviews, some of which look very different, you naturally ask yourself how serious the individual hotel reviews can be. Can you rely on the hotel reviews? One thing is certain: As soon as you have submitted a rating yourself, confirmed and approved it again by email, it is usually checked again by the provider - usually first by an automatic computer system, then by several competent employees, or so it is predicted . The providers therefore usually speak of verified, authentic reviews. In order to prevent manipulation, the reviewers with conspicuous reviews from many providers are even contacted again and asked for proof that confirms that they actually stayed at this hotel.

In spite of the often precise checks on the basis of computer systems, but also of people, many visitors are still there skepticalas far as the reviews are concerned - especially with above-average hotel reviews. But you can't blame them for that, because despite verification by the provider, it still happens that some manipulated, sometimes very incorrect reviews are published, which was also confirmed by an investigation by Stiftung Warentest, in which only one of seven review portals published none of the bogus reviews. A closer look at the Number of Reviews be on the exact Content of the criticism - both positive and negative - but also a look at the different hotel review portals. For example, some visitors to one portal may criticize the pool or sauna, which you may not be interested in at all, while others would rather have five instead of four different dishes to choose from for dinner. As mentioned earlier, many of the reviews are great subjective.

It is also important to pay attention to the language style of the assessment. If this clearly sounds like a catalog entry, you can almost assume a professionally falsified review. In addition, a quick look at the user profile of the reviewer can't hurt. The more anonymous a profile is, the more skeptical one should be. It looks similar with the length of a review: If it is a little longer, they are Pros and Cons Listed in detail and if the possible problem is described in detail, one can assume that the evaluator attaches importance to sharing his real experiences with the readers. If, on the other hand, the evaluation is short and sweet, regardless of whether it is positive or negative, it may be that the hotel guest simply exaggerated it. The fact is that every hotel visitor has his own, individual criteria by which he judges whether the hotel is good for something or not - and one should try to take these into account.

Hotel reviews - trust is good, control is better

As you can see, there are different hotel review portals that allow you to find out more about a hotel or even to rate it yourself. They all have one thing in common: Each of these providers is primarily concerned with the fact that the visitors get the right impression of the respective hotel, i.e. that it is about one hundred percent authentic reviews acts. Furthermore, the Diversity of opinions an important role, as you can only actually filter out from as many different reviews as possible whether the hotel meets your requirements or not.

In order to not only list the individual hotel reviews and pass on tips from the guests, but also to introduce some of the best hotels, so-called Awards awarded. For example, you can find the so-called tripadvisor Travelers Choice Award and the tripadvisor certificate for excellence on the review portal Hotels all over the world can boast of these awards, because they not only have many positive reviews, but are also counted among the top hotels worldwide.

So if you don't always want to blindly trust the hotel descriptions of various travel providers, you should definitely take another look at the different ones Hotel reviews that you can find on review portals such as Because as you all know, trust is good, but control is still better.

Or do you not trust these ratings either? You are welcome to tell me about yourexperience reports that you have made so far with different hotel reviews. Is there maybe even a review portal that you would definitely recommend?