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Are horses cloven-hoofed?


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Are horses cloven-hoofed?

There are so-called cloven-hoofed animals, which include pigs, camels and deer. Does the horse also belong to it? And what exactly is it, a cloven-hoofed animal? Felix wants to know from Murr.

Horses are part of the group of ungulates. Within the group of ungulates there are both ungulates and ungulates.

Artifacts are mammals in which the third and fourth toes and the metatarsal bones are particularly well developed. The first toe is completely missing. Examples are pigs, camels or deer.

The odd-toed ungulates are four-legged animals in which either only or mainly the middle toe is most pronounced. The middle toe covered by the hoof also touches the ground. The three families tapirs, rhinos and horses belong to the order of mammals.

This middle toe or middle finger has evolved from the various toes and fingers of its ancestors over the course of the horse's history. It is the characteristic of the odd ungulate and is therefore also found in relatives of the horse such as the zebras and mules.

The fingers that were still trained by his ancestors have regressed in our horse today. Parts of these fingers can still be seen in the stylus legs. The stylus legs are located on the metatarsal bones of the modern horse.

Horses are very persistent and also fast runners who can run continuously for up to 12 hours. You can go up to 70 km / h. The strong muscles on the back and thighs are, so to speak, the engine of the animal. The interplay of front legs and chest ensures that you don't run out of breath while running. Because the movements of the front legs support breathing. Inhale and exhale to the rhythm of the steps, so that you also breathe at your own pace.

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