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The best fairy lights 2021

An overview of recommended fairy lights

Even in summer, fairy lights create a special atmosphere in the garden.

When the days get shorter in winter or a mild summer evening draws to a close, it's time to to create a warm atmosphere. With the right lighting and decoration, both your own four walls and the garden can be made cozy. In addition to candles, fairy lights are ideal for immersing the environment in a warm light. If you want to buy a fairy lights, our fairy lights comparison can help you to decide on the best string of lights. Whether the light chains LED variant or the light curtain - our guide contains all the important information on the subject.

The types of fairy lights

You should first know the different types of fairy lights in order to be able to better assess the results of the fairy lights test afterwards. Information on the products available can be found in the table below.

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Fairy lights artdescription
Chain of lights insideIf you are looking for a string of lights for indoor use, you need special lamps with an operating voltage of 230 volts. A party light chain or lanterns are also included here. You can also choose between different lengths - whether 10, 20, 50 or more lamps. Since the lights often look like a wax candle, they replace the classic Christmas tree lighting with candles. With fairy lights for indoor use, there are often different programs that make them blink, for example.
String of lights outsideOutdoor fairy lights usually have an E27 or E14 thread with 230 volts and 15 or 20 watts. Depending on how big the object to be hung is, the number of light elements also varies. You can also decide whether the fairy lights should be colored or warm white. A classic party light chain is usually available in the colors green, yellow, red and blue.
LED fairy lightsThe LED light chains are available with white LED light; the fairy lights can also be colorful. Such fairy lights are available for indoor use or as garden fairy lights. With this type of light chain, pay attention to the IP marking, as the weather conditions are unpredictable, especially in winter, and cold or wet conditions can damage the light chain.
Net of lightsIn this model, the light elements are connected in parallel and in series. Such a light network can span up to 500 lamps. You can also purchase this form of lighting for both indoor and outdoor use. However, a net of lights is particularly effective on the Christmas tree. So you can attach the decoration between the meshes of the net.
Light hoseA light hose is relatively inexpensive, but uses a relatively large amount of electricity. Such a light tube is usually several meters long and made of silicone.

In addition to the fairy lights mentioned here, there are also more specific models, such as a string of lights made of wool, a curtain of lights or a string of lights made of Christmas balls. These variants are used for decoration rather than lighting. So depending on your preference, you can too opt for more extraordinary products - These special fairy lights can also be an eye-catcher as a tree chain for the Christmas tree.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of fairy lights

As it should be for a fairy lights test, the advantages and disadvantages of the individual models were of course also determined. To you make the purchase decision easier, we have summarized them for you in the table below.

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String lights typeadvantagesdisadvantage
Chain of lights inside
  • Similarity to real candles
  • no fire hazard
  • The flashing function can be perceived as annoying
Chain of lights outside
  • available as a set
  • Bulb colors can be mixed
  • not all colors available
  • must be adequately protected from the weather
LED light chain
  • energy saving
  • available in white or colored
  • not always suitable for outdoor use
Net of lights
  • good as Christmas lights
  • available with a large number of lamps
  • can get tangled up easily
Light hose
  • low price
  • very long models available

The most important purchase criteria for fairy lights

So that you don't have to be influenced by uncertainties when buying, we have in the following section the most common questions on the topic of fairy lights, which usually appear in a fairy light test, answered for you.

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How much electricity does a string of lights consume?

Unfortunately, fairy lights use a lot of electricity on average. Especially if the chain of lights is attached outside, it usually has to shine very brightly in order to be perceived at all. An average string of lights is used up about 0.8 kilowatt hours of electricity with a lighting time of eight hours. A kilowatt hour costs around 30 cents a month.

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You pay around seven euros in electricity if you let your fairy lights shine for eight hours a day during the Christmas period.

How much electricity does an LED light chain consume?

An LED light chain is more energy efficient compared to a regular light chain because it only provides light and no additional heat is generated. In the end, you can save up to 80 percent in energy costs by using an LED light chain.

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How many fairy lights do you need for a Christmas tree?

Depending on the Christmas tree, an appropriately long chain of lights must be selected. A string of lights 150 centimeters long, for example, is well suited for a Christmas tree, that reaches your waist. A larger tree, for example two meters high, then needs a chain of lights with a length of around 270 centimeters.

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Where can I buy fairy lights?

When it comes to tree decorations at Christmas, the right chain of lights shouldn't be missing, preferably with green cable.

You can find fairy lights and other types of Christmas lights for outside and inside, for example at IKEA, Saturn or similar Electronics stores. For the next party, however, you can also order inexpensive fairy lights online, for example from Amazon.

What does Stiftung Warentest say?

The Stiftung Warentest reported on fairy lights and their electricity consumption in its 12/2007 issue. A string of lights often has one just as high power consumption as is the case with a refrigerator in the kitchen. If you want to save electricity and still don't want to do without a beautiful string of lights, then we recommend you the use of a string of lights solar model. However, Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a light chain test with regard to safety and longevity.

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The most popular fairy lights brands and manufacturers

When looking to buy a string of lights, you will see many manufacturers who do offer good products. You can get an overview of the most popular brands and manufacturers with the help of the following list:

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  • Multistore
  • Flowerglow
  • Stylehome
  • Lights4fun

In addition to these providers, Ikea products have also become available proved to be quite popular. Generally, these manufacturers provide you with various types and shapes, such as: B. a lantern or a string of lights made of wool. In addition, the models can be powered by electricity or batteries.

Buying advice for fairy lights

So that you can find your personal fairy lights test winner, you should absolutely observe the following criteriathat result from a fairy lights test.

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  • Light color: For the light color, you can choose between plain warm white or colorful fairy lights. White can look very cool here, especially with fairy lights in icicle shape or as stars.
  • Cable color: When it comes to cable color, it is also important to differentiate between areas of application. If you have the fairy lights outside or use on the fir tree we recommend a green cable. Inside, transparent or white cables are better.
Good to know
Light chains for indoor use usually have a warmer light than light chains for outside, which is why colorful chains are more popular for the garden.
  • Number of lamps and cable length: The higher the number of lamps, the longer the cable length must be. The cable length indicates how many centimeters of cable are between the socket and the first light element are located. Inside, a cable length of 15 centimeters is completely sufficient, while outside it should be at least 50 centimeters.
  • Power supply: A string of lights can be either through a power cord and a mains connection, can be put into operation via a battery-operated rechargeable battery or via a solar station. If the light chain is solar or cable-operated, it can be used wirelessly and canwithout connection to the power grid to be used. They are therefore very suitable for outdoor use.

A chain of lights is ideal for creating a warm atmosphere in the dark - whether at a summer party in the garden or at Christmas. Depending on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication, color, Number of lamps and cable lengthas well as the power supply can be adjusted. In any case, make sure that the light chain is of good quality, especially if you want to use it outdoors. Here it is important that the fairy lights protected against the weather is.

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