Which is better PAL or NTSC

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What is better quality PAL or NTSC ??

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What is better quality PAL or NTSC ??

Answer 1 from vadder

(NTSC) is a color television signal transmission system used in much of the Americas and some countries in East Asia.

even if it's better, what good does it do you?


Answer 2 by f├╝rLau

Definitely PAL.
PAL has a higher resolution.

Answer 3 of 4strings

PAL also means NeverTheSameColor at NTSC ;-)

Answer 4 from Eule1

I would prefer PAL.
See 4strings: NTSC = Never They S.ame C.olor

Answer 5 by romeoyankee

To explain the technical specifications:

PAL has an aspect ratio of 1.067: 1, so they are slightly wider than they are tall.

PAL has a resolution of 768 columns by 576 lines.

In addition, 25 frames per second (or 50 fields, means one picture is the odd lines, the next the even lines, which gives the impression that you have 50 pictures, but in reality you only have 25)

NTSC has a pixel aspect ratio of 0.89: 1, i.e. pixels that are taller than wide.

NTSC has a resolution of 768 to 480, but the different pixel shape also results in an aspect ratio of the overall picture of 4: 3 as with PAL.

NTSC has 30 frames per second in black / white and 29.97 frames per second in color (or 59.94 fields see above)
This is due to the power supply, which in the USA has 59.94 Hertz and therefore only allows the above rate, which makes it easier for a camera to store these signals in color, because the frequency in Hz is simply used as a reference for the apertures was used.

NTSC has more pictures, PAL has more resolution, ie NTSC is flicker-free, but has the disadvantage that - to get to 29.97 pictures - every now and then a picture is simply not recorded and that the colors are also from the receiving one Device and not on the signal itself.

Personally, I also prefer PAL, but you can now decide for yourself based on the data. The Europeans are very proud that we work with the PAL standard, so you also have to consider where you want to watch a film and which standard is used there. In Germany almost all devices can at least play NTSC, but in the USA the PAL standard may not be known at all.

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