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USA: A veteran of the Afghan war comes back to his experience (1/2)

JI: On the subject of your experience in Afghanistan, how was your everyday life there as an American soldier?

Sean: Well, that's hard because every day is different. At the end of the winter of 2006, when we first got there, we only did some types of missions because we had just discovered the area. And after that, when spring came, the so-called "season of fighting" began, and then you can do a lot more things. We got up, we had breakfast, we showered, we shaved. We should shave every day. That sounds absurd, but this rule is very popular and understandable. After that, we usually went on a mission. You needed humanitarian aid somewhere. This is the so-called "MEDCAPs", the Medical Civilian Assistance Programs) means. On the whole, that's where you come from; you set up a small field hospital that the villagers can go to. All of this is great, this is good; I'm proud of it. But the reason for this was that you were trying to fight. Because every time you leave base, you become a target for an ambush. And that's exactly what we were trying to lure them out so that they can fire us up and we can fire them up again. So there were the humanitarian things, that was the goal of the day to be fulfilled. But there was this larger-scale thing, which was trying to start a fight. So we did it in spring, summer, and then autumn. Once the snow comes, there's not much you can do. Then it's different. If you get stuck in the FOB (Forward Operating Base), try to entertain yourself as best you can. We set things on fire ... did stupid things. We had satellite internet access to speak to our confidante at home, so we did and we slept ... nThat's what it was like doing missions from the ground up. And every two weeks they exchanged with the observation post. The observation posts were just sandbag bunkers on a hill, and you slept on the ground or in a car ... And that's very different because these posts were attacked fairly regularly. And then you had to fight, regardless of the number of attackers; it got pretty intense and several times you were almost defeated. It could be so cold.