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VR developers: Only idiots develop virtual reality games

Radak programmed his game called Light Repair Team # 4 practically single-handedly for 14 weeks. It was released at the launch of HTC Vive and was advertised on Steam's front page, in a list that listed all launch titles. In addition, some articles about the game appeared on the Internet. As an indie developer, Radak paid all of the development costs himself and used savings to do so.

Unprofitable even with optimistic budgeting

Radak makes two hypothetical budgets in his article. The first is a milkmaid bill that includes the most basic costs, while the second is based on more realistic assumptions. The developer writes that after deducting taxes, license fees for the Unreal Engine and the portion of the proceeds that go to Valve, 60 percent of the income from game sales remains.

Radak calculates that the game would have had to sell 5,602 times to cover the cost of the first bill and 8,949 times to cover the cost of the second bill. However, the game would have sold around 2,300 times, writes Radak, which corresponds to sales of around 14,000 US dollars. So even with the optimistic initial budgeting, the developer made massive losses.

“It's just our game - other games have different budgets, but I'm sure many of them can't cover development costs,” writes Radak. Even Survios, who announced a few months ago that they had turned over a million US dollars with “Raw Data”, would be surprised if they had made a profit.

“From a business person's perspective, VR developers are stupid, idiotic, and irresponsible. For VR, that's damn nice. You have to be one hundred percent of all of this if you want to be successful with virtual reality. If people weren't reckless, and if there weren't any companies like Oculus or Intel to give developers funding, VR wouldn't last long, ”writes Radak.

Arizona Sunshine and Superhot VR cause the controversy

The recent controversy over exclusive VR game deals has two triggers. Shortly after the release of the zombie shooter “Arizona Sunshine” it became known that entire game modes were reserved for owners of an Intel i7 processor. The development of the VR game was financially supported by Intel. After an outcry from the gaming community, the developers Vertigo Games have unlocked the previously exclusive game modes for all buyers.

The second trigger was the exclusivity of Superhot VR for the Oculus Rift. Many gamers vented their anger by leaving negative reviews on Steam. Superhot was originally released for the PC, the VR port was generously supported by Oculus, as the developers write on their blog. The studio is planning versions for HTC Vive and Playstation VR.

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