How can I sue Sony?

Lawsuit against Sony: gamers defend themselves against annoying PS5 problem

Players are now defending themselves against an annoying PS5 problem. (Image source: Pexels / Kerde Severin.)

Gamers have a few reasons to be upset about the PlayStation 5 right now. Console availability is just one of them. Now players are suing Sony over an annoying controller problem.

DualSense drift leads to class action lawsuit against Sony

Sony is now facing a class action lawsuit over the DualSense controller drifts the PlayStation 5 faced. This was brought into being by the same law firm that also initiated the class action lawsuit against Nintendo and theirs Joy-Con problem leads.

As reported by Eurogamer, players can contact the firm using the online form and send their complaints get rid of it via the DualSense controller.

The lawsuit was brought in New York and is the lead plaintiff Lmarc Turner from Virginia. In the lawsuit, the players concerned claim that the controller is from Sony malfunction be. Characters and gameplay move around the screen without any action on the part of the player. How serious the drift problem of the DualSense is is also shown by a clear one Reddit video:

Sony customer service is inadequate

According to the lawsuit, Sony is because of quite a few complaints players are aware that this defect exists. Also the equipment with the same Analog components of the PS4 controller stands in the room. This has shown the same weaknesses in the past. In addition, they are Repair options insufficient.

Players would have to wait too long to get help and even that Shipping costs to send in pay for a defective DualSense.

The lawsuit demands a jury instead of individual arbitration proceedings, which are primarily for a financial one Compensation for the damage caused should take care of.

Can you guess what these gamers are complaining about right now?

Sony has not yet spoken out on this. It remains to be seen whether gamers will be protected from buying a defective DualSense controller for the PS5 in the future. What do you think of the lawsuit? Completely correct or exaggerated? Just visit us on Facebook and give us your opinion in the comments.

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