Were there any music videos before MTV

: 20 years ago MTV showed the first music video on German television: images like knife wounds

At twelve noon Elton John appeared on the screen and spoke a humorous greeting that 1.6 million households could receive. Then something happened that media theorists would work on in the coming decades: The Dire Straits clip for "Money for Nothing" was broadcast on the broadcaster. In the four-and-a-half-minute play, there was a living room situation to be seen as a cartoon, in which man and dog had gathered in front of the television. In the telly shown with an angular line, after the broadcast of the station logo, which has only been varied in color to this day, an appearance by Dire Straits - as a real film. The reality, so the message, should never be the same: Mark Knopfler's Stratocaster guitar appeared in unnaturally fluorescent colors, his headband and microphone in mint green false colors. The television world began to mix with the real world. Violence and gold chains When MTV Europe started broadcasting from London on August 1, 1987 after violent conflicts with Deutsche Post and other network regulators, some saw the fall of the West. The discussion was based on what American cultural criticism had already argued through after the start of the US model: Peter Kaplan expressed his fear in the magazine "Esquire" that the rapid succession of image cuts "like knife wounds on the Viewer go "to a comprehensive" human desensitization ". Statistics made the rounds that depictions of violence in the music videos were significantly more common than in the already brutal US evening program. In fact, music television led to the breakthrough of a music style that knows little about topics other than sex and violence: rap found in short films in which scantily clad dancers, weapons and gold chain jewelry played the main roles, made his way out of the ghettos into the rooms of the well-off middle class, who from then on should be among the main buyers of the records by Run DMC, the Beastie Boys or Eminem. Not a few successes are linked to MTV: Michael Jackson owes the success of his solo career above all to the video for "Thriller", a 14-minute horror film with which director John Landis set an artistic milestone and hit a record budget of 800,000 US dollars. It is no coincidence that Jackson's star - similar to that of Madonna and Billy Idol - began to decline with the loss of importance of music television. Music is a minor matter The myth got its first scratches when MTV briefly said goodbye to pay TV in the mid-1990s and the new competition from Viva left the field. With a strategy geared towards regionalization, the station reappeared in 1997 - and broadcast formats in German for the first time. But that didn't help against the Internet as a new music medium. Viva and MTV are now owned by the media group Viacom, music is just one program color here and there: the MTV Networks broadcasting group now mainly broadcasts soaps, reality formats and long-term commercials for Young people from - and is happy about growing market shares .------------------------------ As MTV Europe on August 1st, 1987 the broadcasting operations some saw the fall of the West coming .------------------------------ Photo: (2) "Money for Nothing" from Dire Straits (left) was the first video clip on MTV Europe on August 1st, 1987. Today singer Justin Timberlake is one of the stars on MTV .----------------- ------------- Photo: Madonna and Britney Spears caused a stir in 2003 when they kissed at the MTV Awards ceremony .--------------- --------------- Photo: Die Fantastischen Vier (in the picture from left Smudo, Thomas D. and Michi Beck) played "un-plugged" for MTV. That was in 2003 .------------------------------ Photo: Cultural exchange: MTV umbrella and GDR border guards on the Berliner Wall 1989.