How important is behavior based safety to BBS

Behavior Based Safety (BBS): A commitment to the health and safety of truck drivers

Behavior Based Safety (BBS) (German: Behavior-based safety) describes an approach in modern occupational safety that is based on behavior analysis. Unsafe behavior by employees should be changed through positive intervention. Behavior Based Safety is considered the best studied and most successful method for changing behavior in the area of ​​occupational safety.

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  • The BBS program aims to increase the safety of the driver, other road users and the load in road transport by positively influencing driver behavior through observation, training and communication
  • The BBS program addresses all European transport companies. It is mainly used for chemical transports. But there is also increasing demand for many other modes of transport.
  • The BBS program is a continuous process in every (SQAS) certified transport company
  • The BBS program is not only intended to increase safety, but also to have positive effects on efficient driving and lower insurance premiums and the right way of dealing with customers.

BBS - the philosophy:
The BBS training program is an interactive training between the driver and a coach / trainer as a passenger. The program focuses on practical driver training. The coach / trainer should have a positive influence on the driver's behavior while driving. He observes the driver and gives understandable suggestions for improvement. "Driver coaching" focuses on: concentration, observation and anticipation, vehicle control, driving skills and preventive measures to avoid accidents.
At the end of the training there is a final evaluation that highlights positive aspects and shows potential for improvement. The people involved (management, dispatcher, driver and coach / trainer) have to "live" BBS and internalize them for their own corporate culture. A repetition or review in accordance with the SQAS assessment system (Safety and Quality Assessment System) makes sense.

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