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Two-part television film Germany 2014

The return of Robert's grandfather Erich from captivity does not only make his family in the Franconian province of the 50s happy. Nobody expected his arrival anymore. But soon he took part in the German economic miracle with his garden gnome factory. Son Klaus, on the other hand, who was rather moderately talented in literature, dreams of a career as a writer during the social upheaval of the 1960s. He falls in love with the highly talented Gisela, who comes from a wealthy family and who in turn becomes an important writer.

Their child Robert doesn't really want to fit into the plans and dreams of the '68 bohemian in West Berlin, and so the parents send little Robert on a long odyssey through their own family and to various parts of the republic. It only ended when Robert found his childhood love again as a young adult.

Oskar Roehler's melancholy-ironic family epic was created parallel to his autobiographical novel "Ursprung" and takes the viewer into the world of the old Federal Republic and West Berlin, between garden gnomes, cheese hedgehogs and a trip to Italy.

Cast and staff

Erich FreytagJ├╝rgen Vogel
Elisabeth FreytagMeret Becker
Klaus FreytagMoritz Bleibtreu
Gisela EllersLavinia Wilson
Klaus Freytag (young)Kostja Ullmann
Robert (4 - 7 years)Ilyes Moutaoukkil
Robert (7-10 years)Alexandros Gehrckens
Robert (13-17 years)Leonard Scheicher
Laura (4 - 6 years)Marie Becker
Laura (13-17 years)Lisa Smit
Marie FreytagSonja Kirchberger
Mrs. WernerErika Marozsan
Mr. WernerSteffen Wink
Hildegard EllersMargarita Broich
Martin EllersThomas Heinze
blackWilson Gonzales Ochsenknecht
AckermannVincent Kruger
SemolinaAlexander Martschewski
KleptocekAnton Rattinger
Functional areaName of the staff member
Music:Martin Todsharow
Camera:Carl-Friedrich Koschnick
Book:Oskar Roehler
Director:Oskar Roehler

First broadcast: July 19, 2014